A YORK firm has been working with a renowned family in the disability and LGBTQIA+ community to help find them the perfect products for their autistic sons.

The well-known Atwal-Brice family visited the Get Cycling showroom in York to trial some inclusive cycles ahead of their Superhero Series triathlon this summer.

The family were amongst the first customers to trial the brand-new demo area that has recently been installed within the cycle shop. They also took the cycles out for a test ride around the local area to make sure they were all set up correctly and ready for their twins Levi and Lucas to get training for their upcoming triathlon.

Michael Atwal-Brice said: “We need to celebrate and promote places like Get Cycling that incorporate inclusion and accessibility of things other families may take for granted.

“We get asked so many times where the boys bikes are from and when out and about with them we often notice people staring, not at their disabilities, but at the joy and happiness the bikes bring them.”

The family said the boys are at their most content when out on the cycles, so having some that suit the family’s needs are “so important” to their everyday life.

Get Cycling have a wide range of cycles available, working with manufacturers and suppliers of specialist and conventional cycles throughout the world and can source or create almost any kind of adaption imaginable.

The Atwal-Brice family visited Get Cycling in York (Image: Supplied)

The family, as well as the team from Get Cycling, are working hard to raise awareness of the importance of making everyday things, like cycling, accessible for all and ensuring everybody no matter what is made to feel included.

Michael and Paul Atwal-Brice fathers to two sets of identical twins Levi Lucas Lotan and Lance live in South Yorkshire. The twins live with autism and epilepsy along with other disabilities.

The family have appeared on various television programs, news programmers and radio channels discussing topics including epilepsy, autism, same sex parenting, adoption and fostering.

They have built up a vast network of friends in the charity and media sector been ambassadors for Caudwell Children’s charity and My Afk charity’s working directly to help disabled children across the U.K.

The family focus on breaking down boundaries around disabilities and promoting equal rights. As charity ambassadors they work to improve the lives of children and adults living with disabilities and additional needs.

Paul was honored with a British Citizens award in 2019 in the Houses of Parliament Westminster honoring over two decades of work within charitable sector and was given the title BCAc.

Get Cycling CIC was founded in 2008 by a family with a passion for cycling and social inclusion and it remains today an independent retailer with the founders on the board.


Source: uk.sports.yahoo.com, Ed Horner