Melanie Griffith is among the most recent celebrities to talk about her diagnosis of epilepsy. By taking this courageous step, she has made the epilepsy room bigger, contributing to awareness and discussion of epilepsy around the world and helping others with epilepsy feel less alone.

Griffith said that her seizures were often triggered by stress, and that she has been able to manage her epilepsy with medication.

Stress is a common theme among MyEpilepsyTeam members. One member wrote, “My trigger is stress, stress, stress.” Another said, “After several stress-induced seizures last week, I was taken away from the stress and ordered into a Jacuzzi to relax. Was great to be a relaxed body!”

Members Make the Community Stronger

Since MyEpilepsyTeam launched in 2015, we have grown to become 93,000 members strong — that’s a big room! Just as Griffith’s announcement amplifies the voice of those with epilepsy, each new member on MyEpilepsyTeam makes our community stronger.

Without an epilepsy community, it can be easy to feel isolated, like you’re the only one struggling with seizures and the aftereffects. Whether you have spoken directly with other members or not, by joining MyEpilepsyTeam and reading shared experiences, you have become part of the community.

Talk With Others Who Understand

On MyEpilepsyTeam, over 93,000 people living with epilepsy come together to ask questions, give advice, and share their stories with others who understand life with epilepsy.

Are you living with epilepsy? Share your experiences in the comments below, or start a conversation by posting on your Activities page.


Source:, Anika Brahmbhatt