It'll change how some scenes are displayed on your TV

While Apple TV software updates aren’t known for adding fancy new features, the tvOS 16.4 release has brought with it one very important addition.

Apple recently released tvOS 16.4 to the public after a weeks-long beta program, and while it isn’t what anyone would call laden with features, one accessibility feature will surely be well received by epilepsy sufferers around the globe.

According to the software’s release notes, owners of the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD can now use a feature that is designed to reduce the severity of seizure-inducing portions of content.

A more accessible Apple TV

Apple’s tvOS 16.4 release notes don’t go into great detail about the new feature, but they do confirm that it exists.

“This update adds Dim Flashing Lights, an accessibility option to automatically dim the display of video when flashes of light or strobe effects are detected,” the release notes say.

Those same release notes go on to add that the update also includes performance and stability improvements, but that’s as granular as they get. If you’ve been battling with some kind of bug or issue, update to tvOS 16.4 and cross your fingers that this update has fixed whatever was going on.

This latest update arrives not too long after tvOS 16.3.3 which itself dealt with one particularly irritating bug. That bug saw some people’s Siri remotes refuse to stay connected to the third-gen Apple TV 4K box, something that must have been maddening to try and deal with.

The tvOS 16.4 update is now available for download and you might already have it installed if you have automatic updates enabled. If not, you can of course download it manually.

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Source:, Oliver Haslam