Neurosurgeons are turning to whole-brain simulations to better understand and treat epilepsy

According to a Singularity Hub article, a team of neurosurgeons is using whole-brain simulations to pinpoint the source of their patients’ seizures. In a recent study, the team used brain simulations to identify the origin of seizures in two patients with epilepsy. The simulations allowed the team to better understand how electrical signals move through the brain and pinpoint the specific area that was causing the seizures. The findings could help doctors more accurately diagnose and treat epilepsy, which affects millions of people worldwide.

The simulations are part of a growing trend towards using computer models to better understand the human brain. By simulating the activity of billions of neurons in the brain, researchers hope to gain new insights into how the brain works and develop new treatments for brain disorders. While the technology is still in its early stages, it holds promise for revolutionizing our understanding of the brain and improving outcomes for patients with neurological disorders.


Source:, Tim Hayes