Miami, FL —

 On Wednesday, September 7th, 2022, the cutting-edge Brain Institute for Pediatric Epilepsy Care & Treatment Program at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital received a total of $500,000 thanks to the legislative efforts of State Senator Ileana Garcia this past congressional session. As one of the nation’s most premier and enduring comprehensive epilepsy programs for children, this funding is vital towards investing in groundbreaking medical technology and novel intervention for youth suffering from seizures.

Each year, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital welcomes thousands of patients from across the country and over the world that are referred to the notable treatment program in South Florida searching for innovative therapeutic solutions related to epilepsy. Even in the event that a child is struggling with seizures that cannot be regulated medically, Nicklaus has proven itself among the most specialized and internationally recognized in pediatric epilepsy surgery that focuses on using the least invasive methods like MRI guided laser ablation.

Another of the technological advancements that do not rely on aggressively invasive methods applied at Nicklaus in order to accurately localize and analyze seizure activity has been through the precise use of Electrical Source Imaging (ESI) which is part of the ingenious Compumedics High Density Electro-Encephalogram (EEG) System. These pieces of breakthrough equipment are irreplaceable when it comes to pinpointing convulsions within the brain whilst identifying specific seizure onset zone prompts. This paves the way for accurate diagnosis leading to individualized treatment plans, combined with other imaging diagnostics, and any other impending surgical requirements recommended by specialists.

The cause has a special connection to Senator Garcia as she stated: “As someone who grew up with epilepsy, I know the significant impact this will make when diagnosing and treating patients with epilepsy and other seizure related issues in our community.”