Epilepsy alert bracelets carry personal and medical information that can help the public and emergency services respond appropriately if a person experiences seizures or another emergency.

What are epilepsy alert bracelets?

Epilepsy alert bracelets contain text that reads “epilepsy.” The bracelets may also include other information, such as emergency contacts and a list of the medications that a person uses. Many companies allow people to add other information to these products.

Epilepsy alert bracelets can help members of the public and healthcare professionals respond with the appropriate care if a person has a seizure or another health emergency.

Several smartwatches also have an emergency button that a person can press when they require assistance, and some products automatically send an alert to emergency contacts if they detect a fall.

Some smartphones may also have settings that allow a person to display their medical condition, medications, and emergency contacts on the lock screen.

In addition, some companies that manufacture medical alert bracelets have a customer service helpline that is available 24-7. People who need urgent help or wish to learn more about a particular product can contact these companies directly.


Why are epilepsy alert bracelets important?

People with epilepsy can experience seizures. There are three main types of seizures:

  • Focal onset: Previously known as partial seizures, these seizures can start in one area of the brain. People may be awake and aware during focal onset seizures, or they might have impaired awareness.
  • Generalized onset: These seizures affect both sides of the brain. Tonic-clonic, absence, and atonic seizures are subsets of generalized onset seizures.
  • Unknown onset: If a healthcare professional does not know how a seizure starts, they may classify it as an unknown onset seizure. Doctors may diagnose the seizures as focal or generalized after investigation.

Wearing an epilepsy alert bracelet may enable members of the public and healthcare professionals to respond properly to a seizure.

Healthcare professionals may be able to provide treatment quicker if a person also includes their medical information and a list of their medications on their bracelet. If a person includes emergency contact information on the bracelet, healthcare professionals can also quickly let their preferred contact know where the person is and what has happened.



What information should be on an epilepsy medical ID?

ResearchersTrusted Source note that the following information is useful to healthcare professionals:

  • Allergies: A person should only list any allergies that lead to an allergic reaction or anaphylaxis rather than including information about intolerances or side effects.
  • Anesthesia: Reactions to anesthesia, such as very high fever, suxamethonium apnoea, or difficult airways, are important to note, as is the need to preserve veins for future treatment. However, a person should not highlight postoperative nausea or unconfirmed reactions.
  • Medical conditions: People should put down all medical conditions that may influence immediate treatment, such as epilepsy, diabetes, dementia, and bleeding disorders.
  • Medications: People should include information about anticoagulants, steroids, and insulin on their bracelet.
  • Contact details: Contact details for a person’s emergency contact and physician are useful to include.

How to choose an epilepsy alert bracelet

Some factors a person may consider when purchasing an epilepsy alert bracelet include:

  • Size: People should choose a bracelet that fits their wrist size. It may also help to choose a product with customizable size adjustment.
  • Price: Bracelets are available for different budgets. Some companies also allow their customers to pay in installments.
  • Water-resistant: Choosing a water-resistant medical bracelet may be the best option if a person needs to wear it all the time, even when showering.
  • Material: Most seizure alert bracelets are made from silicone, so individuals do not have to worry about breaking them.
  • Screen size: Some bracelets come as smartwatches, and these may have a large screen size to maximize the text visibility.

How we choose products

Medical News Today chooses products that fit the following criteria:

  • Price: The products are available in a range of budgets.
  • Size: The products are available in different sizes, including adjustable sizes.
  • Readability: The products have easy-to-read text.
  • Features: The products have a range of features that suit different requirements.

Various epilepsy alert bracelets are available to purchase online. Below, we look at a selection of these products in more detail.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information is purely research-based and correct at the time of publication.

Mediband Epilepsy Alert Medical Bracelet

Best for a basic alert

Mediband Epilepsy Alert Medical Bracelet.

Mediband makes this bracelet from medical-grade silicone, which the company states reduces the chance of breaking or losing the item. This bracelet displays the text “ALERT! EPILEPSY.”

The features of this bracelet include:

  • easy-to-read text available in multiple colors
  • available in a range of wrist sizes
  • material that should not irritate or chafe against the skin

The Mediband Epilepsy Alert Medical Bracelet is available to buy online from $5.66.

Universal Medical Data Elite USB Medical Alert ID Bracelet

Best for medical records

Universal Medical Data Elite USB Medical Alert ID Bracelet.

This bracelet comes with a 2-GB USB that works on all Windows and Mac computers. People can upload all of their medical records, or just selected ones, to this USB.

Additionally, the bracelet is waterproof and uses a hypoallergenic silicone band. The company states that the band is fully adjustable and fits wrist sizes of 5.5–8.5 inches (in).

Universal Medical Data states that it provides free shipping and next day delivery. Additionally, the company offers a 180-day warranty.

The Universal Medical Data Elite USB Medical Alert ID Bracelet costs $45.95.

Elegant Medical Alert Seizures Silicone Wristband Bracelet

Best for children

Elegant Medical Alert Seizures Silicone Wristband Bracelet.

This latex-free silicone bracelet is available in five different colors, with all versions of the band including the text “SEIZURES” in white.

This bracelet is available in four sizes, including ones that should fit children. The company states that the bracelet is suitable for use during most activities, including sports.

People can choose to pay for bulk orders of this item in installments.

The Elegant Medical Alert Seizures Silicone Wristband Bracelet costs $7.99.

Medical Guardian Caregiver Call Button System

Best for home use

Medical Guardian Caregiver Call Button System.

This product includes a neck pendant, wristband, and alarm system. The water-resistant neck pendant and wristband can connect to the alarm system from up to 1,300 feet away.

People can press the button on their pendant or wristband to connect to a 24-7 emergency operator. This operator can either call for emergency services or contact a person’s emergency contacts.

Although the alarm system is mains connected, the product has a backup battery generator that lasts for up to 32 hours.

The company offers a free month’s trial. After this month, a person will need to pay $34.95 to use this system.

The Medical Guardian Caregiver Call Button System has a list price of about $40.

Bay Alarm Medical SOS Smartwatch

Best smartwatch alert system

Bay Alarm Medical SOS Smartwatch.

This smartwatch alert system connects a person to Bay Alarm Medical’s 24-7 operators at the push of a button. These operators will contact the emergency services and any emergency contacts.

This item does not require a smartphone to use. Additionally, the watch is water-resistant, has GPS tracking, and provides up to 18 hours of battery life.

The smartwatch comes with a 4G LTE sim card that allows a person to connect to and speak with operators through the watch.

The Bay Alarm Medical SOS Smartwatch costs $179, and a person also needs to pay $29.95 per month to use the service.

Divoti Sport ID Medical Alert Bracelet

Best for customizable information

Divoti Sport ID Medical Alert Bracelet.

This silicone alert bracelet is available in a choice of colors.

It has a removable engraved medical ID that has a person’s personal details and emergency contact information on the front. On the back is a list of medical conditions and other information.

The company states that people can trim the silicone band so that it fits around their wrist. The bracelet also has a double security clasp to minimize the risk of a person losing the item.

The Divoti Sport ID Medical Alert Bracelet has a list price of about $42.


Epilepsy alert bracelets can contain a person’s medical information and emergency contacts, or they can simply alert the public and healthcare professionals that a person has epilepsy or experiences seizures.

A range of alert bracelets and systems is available to buy online. People should carefully consider how much information they wish to include on their bracelet when selecting one.


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