Creative Solutions to Go Further Faster

DENVER METROPOLITAN AREA, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2023 — Katie Sisk created a tried-and-true system called “Show Epilepsy Who’s Boss.” This program provides a new alternative for families and their children to find creative solutions to take back control after feeling uncertain due to seizures and to have the personal power to improve their lives.

This transformative methodology helps reduce the worry, anxiety, and depression that can accompany having a child with challenges. Katie assists them in developing innovative solutions to limit seizure activity so that their child can live independently while shedding years of shame and guilt from all, so they can live a happy and healthy life together.

What clients are saying about Katie’s services:
“When you grow up living with epilepsy it can sometimes be difficult to achieve your dreams. What Katie does so successfully is allow you to share your dreams, hopes, and desires, to help you formulate a strategy that will give you the opportunity to create something beautiful. The only question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you’re ready to stand up to the plate and swing that bat.”

The Three Benefits of Show Epilepsy Who’s Boss are:
* Learn strategies to take back your child’s personal power and help the family thrive together.
* Discover the steps to creating habits and achieving immediate results.
* Get lasting creative solutions to living the life you want with your child and family.

Show Epilepsy Who’s Boss will be available now for parents that want to give their child the skills and resources needed to thrive in life!

Katie Sisk is an award-winning Epilepsy Life Strategist with over 20 years of experience in helping parents. Bringing her own experiences of having epilepsy from infancy to adulthood, in addition to her extensive education. She’s also a certified Transformational Coach and Neuroendcoding Specialist who has helped a plethora of families and their children find creative solutions to take back control after feeling uncertain due to seizures and have the personal power to make their lives better.


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