These signs may seem ordinary or people might fail to notice the abnormality or severity in them.

Seizures have some classic symptoms that we may be aware of. Most of these symptoms are categorized as severe because of its intensity and nature. Here are some of the most commonly experienced symptoms: shaking, falling to the ground suddenly, convulsions and foaming at the mouth. These symptoms are very easily noticeable and the cause can also be easily determined.

However, seizures also have other signs that are more subtle. According to a national survey conducted by Orlando Health, many people especially Americans are not aware of the subtle signs for instance: blinking rapidly, numbness, tingling feeling, crying out or screaming, laughing suddenly are also signs of a seizure. Experts state that convulsive seizure is a severe symptoms but it is very rare. It will be more useful for people to also be aware of the subtle signs.

What Is Focal Seizure?

The most common type of seizure experienced by people is the focal seizure. It happens when their is abnormal firing of electricity in one part of the brain. It mostly happens to adults with epilepsy. This is the type of epilepsy which is the most difficult to identify according to experts. The signs and symptoms of it may be very subtle which is why diagnosing or identifying it gets difficult. Some people may show signs in the middle of a conversation by suddenly stopping their response, they might make abnormal movements with their mouth or hands. It might look like they are chewing something in their mouth. Blinking and unresponsive staring are other two signs of focal seizure.

Subtle Signs Of Seizure

These signs may seem ordinary or people might fail to notice the abnormality or severity in them. Here are some lesser known symptoms that some people face:

  1. Gelastic seizures or unprovoked laughter
  2. Dacrystuc seizures or crying sounds.
  3. Pouting.
  4. Atypical posturing meaning weirdly raising your arm like a fencer.
  5. Bicycle-like movements of legs at night time.
  6. Head drop seizures. A person might suddenly lose muscle support in the neck and head resulting in a sudden drop of the head. This symptom is followed by the patients arm raised upward.
  7. Facial twitching in one particular side.
  8. One very rare and exceptional symptom is when the heart stops beating.


Source:, Kinkini Gupta