Cottage Health’s Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute (SBNI) is the first healthcare provider on the Central Coast to use the latest image-guided laser technology to treat brain tumors, lesions and epilepsy.

The NeuroBlate System delivers Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LITT), a minimally invasive surgical technique using MRI-guided laser light to ablate unhealthy brain tissue.

It can be an effective treatment option for recurrent and hard to reach brain tumors and lesions. It is also used to treat certain types of epilepsy.

“LITT provides patients with difficult-to-access lesions, recurrent brain tumors and epilepsy with an alternative treatment method,” said Dr. Nicole Moayeri, a neurosurgeon affiliated with the Santa Barbara Neuroscience Institute.

“Being the first in the region to offer LITT is a testament to Cottage’s commitment to staying at the forefront of neurosurgery,” she said.

LITT provides the benefits of traditional brain surgery with less risk and a shorter recovery time. Unlike traditional brain surgery, LITT does not require a large opening in the skull.

Because LITT is MRI-guided, the neurosurgeon can visualize the specific area of the brain to be ablated. The precise nature of the procedure helps to lessen the likelihood of harm to nearby healthy brain tissue.

“Because LITT is a minimally invasive surgery, it is generally well tolerated and has a short recovery time,” said Dr. Moayeri. “We are excited to offer LITT as an alternative treatment option for patients who meet the criteria.”

To learn more about LITT and services offered by SBNI, contact nurse navigator Chelsea Brooks, 805-450-8820 or


Resource:, Cristina Cortez