Ricardo Quevedo He is a comedian and film actor who has participated in various productions such as “Comedians of the Night”, “You don’t know who I am?”, “Hell has gone to us” and others.

Although in recent months Quevedo has been focusing on various theatrical projects and has also been part of the “Los de la culpa” team along with personalities such as Ivan Marin, Santiago Rendon and others. However, He recently participated in Alejandro Riagno’s Juanpis Show, revealing various details of his life.

Ricardo Quevedo admits he suffers from epilepsy

As expected, the meeting with “Juanpis” was filled with laughter, because it turned out to be one of his best works, the entertainment of the public. In the middle of the conversation, Quevedo admitted that several years ago he was diagnosed with this disease and one of the episodes that most The injuries it had inflicted on his shoulders appeared in his mind, so he was treated to be able to continue his various tasks and share them with his family.

However, his statements did not end there, as the humorist assured that he had experienced a severe emotional crisis about 3 years ago.At that time, he was also invited to the Juanpis Live Show. “When he invited me, I said yes, but I had a very difficult moment. I had a very strong depression, anxiety, they discovered about epilepsy … A thousand things happened to me at that moment, and that day was not cool for me, I was kind of in automatic mode.

Although Quevedo fully agreed with the interview, he spoke to Riano a few days later to ask him not to broadcast the interview. because it was one of the more “heavy” moments in his life, he said. It should be noted that the comedian indicated that he distanced himself from Alejandro for a while in order to be able to best assimilate the situation, but it really highlighted the affection and connection between the two, since both were part of The Comedian. night”.

What is epilepsy and what are its symptoms?

According to the MedlinePlus platform, this disease is a brain disorder in which a person has recurrent seizures over time. Seizures are episodes of activity uncontrolled and abnormal movement of neurons that can cause changes in attention or behavior.

As for the symptoms, this page states that they can vary from one person to another. Some people may have simple no-show episodes. Others have severe tremors and loss of alertness. View the seizure depends on the affected part of the brain, since in most cases the seizure is similar to the previous one.


Source: thegoaspotlight.com