Will you take the Purple Pledge for Epilepsy Ireland?

Epilepsy Ireland supporters Rebecca (L) who lives with epilepsy and her sister Emma(R) who raised €5,400 in support of Epilepsy Ireland through a number of activities.

Epilepsy is a very common condition with over 1,400 people living with Epilepsy in Donegal.

And there are over 45,000 people living with epilepsy in Ireland accounting for around 1 in 115 people affected..

Epilepsy Ireland is the national organization supporting and representing people with epilepsy and their families.

Purple Day® is the biggest fundraising day of the year for Epilepsy Ireland and this year, they are appealing to the people of Donegal to support their work on Tuesday March 26 by taking the Purple Pledge!

Epilepsy Ireland’s Fundraising and Development Manager, Cian Dikker said:

“Epilepsy Ireland’s services are vital to people in Donegal living with epilepsy. However, the cost of providing these services is well in excess of the state funding we receive. This is why we are asking you to take the Purple Pledge to support our work in communities across the country.

“We rely on the support of many wonderful volunteers and fundraisers who step up on days like Purple Day® to help us raise the money needed to deliver our services.

Epilepsy Ireland responds to 20,000 contacts each year from individuals and families, some newly diagnosed and others far along their journey with epilepsy. Our services include supporting people who are newly diagnosed with epilepsy; organizing targeted events for children and teens with epilepsy on managing their condition; training teachers and SNAs on how best to support a child with epilepsy in the classroom, and much, much more”, says

But what is the Purple Pledge? 

Cian explains: “Your Purple Day® Pledge represents a commitment to our shared mission to achieve a society where no person’s life is limited by epilepsy. Take the Pledge and take on a challenge of your choice to raise funds. Ask your family, friends, and colleagues to join you and to donate in support of Epilepsy Ireland.

“Pledge to walk, run, hike or cycle while wearing purple and raise funds for Epilepsy Ireland. The challenge is easy: join our community on Facebook, set up a fundraiser, and make some noise about getting active in purple on Tuesday March 26 2024!

Whatever your personal pledge may be and whatever amount you raise, we’d love to have the people of Donegal on board for Purple Day®.

“Already we have a fast-growing community of people from across Ireland in our dedicated Facebook group – where pledgers are sharing their ideas for their fundraisers, having fun, and getting excited for their own pledge. For more information about getting involved, contact us by emailing fundraising@epilepsy.ie.

“If you are unable to take the pledge, any donation, no matter the size, would be greatly appreciated. To donate, visit www.epilepsy.ie/donate.”


Source: donegallive.ie