Lanarkshire Epilepsy is a charity supporting those with epilepsy across North and South Lanarkshire, Scotland 

Help us to raise the funds to keep operating and continue supporting 500 people every year across North and South Lanarkshire!

Last year you all did an amazing job, helping us, along with extra funding from the National Emergencies Trust, to raise over £4,000 to keep Lanarkshire Epilepsy running.

Because of your efforts, we were able to provide specialist support, counselling, and activity groups to those with epilepsy across North and South Lanarkshire.


Nearly 1 in every 100 people live with epilepsy. This means that 5,000 people across North and South Lanarkshire live with epilepsy, for the past 11 year, have been and still are the only charity  providing frontline support to those with those people and their families. This support is totally free. Over the past year, we’ve still continued to try and provide support to those with epilepsy and their families as best we can, through counselling, activity groups, specialist advice, and days out.

What We Do

Despite those with epilepsy often being marginalised due to ignorance and fear surrounding the condition, we know that those with epilepsy can live full and active lives! We provide specialist support such as counselling, befriending, and opportunities for socialisation through family fun days, outdoor activities, support groups, and other evening events! We’ve recently started offering musical workshops too! These services are proven to best options in addressing the risks of depression, anxiety, and social isolation that so many those with epilepsy experience every day. We’re trying to reduce the ignorance around epilepsy, too, and have started offering epilepsy training to businesses and charities in the region.

Every year we support approximately 500 people. We want to make sure we can continue to support both these and all of those in need who live with this condition. Our work is supported by dedicated volunteers who are the backbone of Lanarkshire Epilepsy.

Our Story

We were formed as a charity in 2011, by Helen MacDonald. After being made redundant from her job with a leading epilepsy charity, she has made it her mission to meet the unmet need of those with epilepsy across North and South Lanarkshire, a blackspot with no other epilepsy charities operating.

In those eleven years, we’ve been making sure that those with epilepsy stay connected, get out and about, and  get specialist advice and support, including counselling. We’ve continued to support our clients during and since the pandemic in every way possible, despite the it being difficult to fundraise at the moment.

Our Plans

We want to make sure we can maintain the help and support we provide to people. With times as tough as they are, we’re putting a special focus on our counselling service.

Despite these plans, the most important thing is keeping the charity operating! Please help us to keep supporting the roughly 5,000 people across North and South Lanarkshire who live with epilepsy every day. Your help can make a real difference! Already with this, we have been able to transform peoples lives. We want to keep reaching out too, helping more and more people with this condition. YOU can help us to do this!


Source:, Lanarkshire Epilepsy