A major roadblock for the CBD pharmaceutical field has been smashed by Israeli-Canadian company Innocan Pharma.

A huge step forward has been made in research on the use of cannabidiol (CBD) in medical treatment, Israeli-Canadian company Innocan Pharma announced on Sunday.

CBD, the second-most prevalent active ingredient in marijuana and one that does not produce psychotropic effects, is considered to have a positive impact in the treatment of severe illnesses.

Many CBD users report major relief from symptoms of several diseases and the substance’s therapeutic benefits are becoming widely recognized.

However, CBD has low oral bioavailability and breaks down very quickly in the body.

This has been a major roadblock for the CBD pharmaceutical field, despite many strides taken over the last few years, because it means CBD has reduced therapeutic effects when used in the treatment of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy and more.

In a trial conducted on animals by Innocan Pharma, researchers found that administering CBD encapsulated in liposomes demonstrated initial positive results in creating effective and continuous therapeutic effects while keeping significant levels of CBD in the body for a longer period.

“In our experiments with dogs, we noticed initial promising results in the treatment of various diseases,” Innocan Pharma CEO Iris Bincovich stated.

“A one-month long-lasting medication, possible by the LPT platform, would be a major innovation for both animals and humans.”

SOURCE:  jpost.com
NOTE:  Before trying CBD for epilepsy always consultant your physician. There is a huge variance in CBD products with many having little or now value for seizure control.  EpilepsyU