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A ground-breaking new epilepsy app, Epsy, which helps users take control of their condition has been launched on iOS and Android FOR FREE in the USA.

Modern healthcare and technologies are developing at an incredibly fast rate; however, the treatment of epilepsy is still lagging, with paper-based diaries or limited electronic options being the main logging source. Epsy aims to strengthen communications between healthcare professionals and patients on their treatment efficiencies, with clear insights and trends.

There are currently over 3.4 million people in the USA with active epilepsy and every year over 150,000 new cases are recorded. Of these cases, one-third live with uncontrolled epilepsy as there are no available treatments that work for them. Epsy is on a mission to allow each person diagnosed with epilepsy to take control of their condition and lead a normal life.

With Epsy each user can monitor their individual journeys with epilepsy and gain informative insights of seizures, medication compliance, triggers, auras and side effects to share with their healthcare professionals, adding more value to conversations during appointments’ and improving each user’s knowledge of their unique experiences.

In app features include:

● Personalized trends and insights

● Track seizures, side Effects, auras & more

● Medication reminders

● Synchronizes with Apple Watch for seizures

● A content tab filled with a library of informative articles

● Rescue medication function

● Ability to download a pdf report for doctor appointments

Marco Peluso, the VP of Epsy, states “Understanding epilepsy is incredibly hard because each person is different. Treatments today are not personalized, and specialist care is hard to find. In 2020, finding the right medication plan is still a guessing game, Epsy is changing that. We want to give people a better life with epilepsy by providing clear insights into their condition – because every person’s journey is unique.”

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