Raising a child with a disability is a full-time job. And often, it means the parents get little or no sleep. But Denver-based Cubby Beds built an encompassing solution so everyone can rest easy.

Cubby Beds are much more than a cool-looking place for kids to sleep. They’re a fortress of family care.

“Cubby Beds are a smart safety bed for people with cognitive conditions like autism, epilepsy, and dementia,” said founder and CEO Caleb Polley.

Polley helped launch the product in 2020, as a cozy escape for kids with disabilities.

“We wanted to make it as friendly as possible,” Polley said. “It has curves. And it’s got a smiley face design.”

But it has tons of features, like a technology hub, to help the parents sleep too.

“It has a camera with a two-way microphone,” Polley said.

And it has a video stream that can be recorded in case the child has an episode in the middle of the night. It also has ambient lighting and sounds that can be controlled through an app, a temperature sensor, extra padding, and a tent-like enclosure.

But it comes at a cost, and Polley wants to encourage potential customers to have medical documentation to involve insurance.

“It’s an expensive product,” Polley said. “It’s a medical device. So the wonderful thing about insurance is most of these families pay little to nothing out of pocket.”

The full-sized beds are meant to give parents peace of mind, and children a blanket, from what can otherwise be an exhausting circumstance.

“It means that parent has constant paranoia and worry,” Polley said. “It means they can’t sleep, and that cascades into their job, their marriage, and the other siblings in the house… Our whole goal is to make an environment that is calming, that is customizable for their unique needs, and that ultimately helps them sleep.”



Source: denver7.com, Brian Sanders