The Epilepsy Association of Calgary has asked Mayor Thorn and Council to proclaim March 26 ‘Purple Day.’

March 26 is ‘Purple Day,’ an annual event to raise awareness for epilepsy, a chronic, neurological disorder which sees individuals faced with recurrent and unprovoked seizures.

Okotoks Town Council has been asked to recognize the day by proclaiming March 26 ‘Purple Day’ in town to promote understanding and eliminate the stigma of the disorder which affects 4,000 central Albertans, according to the Epilepsy Association of Calgary (EAC), who submitted the request.

People of all ages, races and backgrounds can develop epilepsy at any point in their lives, the association wrote.

Lightings have been organized at various locations in Calgary and Southern Alberta as part of the event. People are encouraged to wear purple on the day to show their support.

A decision on the proclamation will be made during the regular meeting on Monday, which can be viewed on the Town’s website.