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RNS – The “Smart Implant” that Helps Control Epilepsy

RNS – The “Smart Implant” that Helps Control Epilepsy

Since 2007, Hood had suffered from debilitating seizures that a powerful mix of medications couldn’t control. Hood, 47, is one of the first people in the nation to get a new device implanted in her brain that monitors for signs of seizures and sends impulses directly to the source to quiet the storm. Before undergoing […]

Advances in Epilepsy 2014, A Year in Review

Advances in Epilepsy 2014, A Year in Review

2014 saw many changes in the understanding and treatments for epilepsy. As you all are well aware, Cannabis treatments became a major topic over the past few years, culminating in 2014 with many states passing compassionate care laws, like Florida’s Charlotte’s Web Bill (which won’t go into effect until 2015). Here is a roundup of […]

SUDEP: Research Initiative Receives Grant for Furthering Understanding

Projects build a virtual center for research on death associated with epilepsy Nine groups of scientists will receive funding totaling $5.9 million in 2014 to work together on increasing the understanding of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), the leading cause of death from epilepsy. The consortium becomes the second Center Without Walls, an initiative […]

AUTISM: Advancements in Understanding in 2014

Not long ago, Autism was a complete mystery and patients were often mis-diagnosed with other disorders and treated with unacceptable means. We now know that “Autism” it is a complex mixture of symptoms caused by a complex mixture of factors. Both Genetic and environmental factors contribute to a diagnosis of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). The […]

New Study shows epilepsy surgery is a low-risk procedure

A study at Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, has found that epilepsy surgery is a safe, effective and low-risk procedure. Nevertheless, few Swedes have the operation, and those who are interested may have to wait a long time for presurgical counseling. The study at Sahlgrenska Academy was based on the Swedish National Epilepsy Surgery Register, […]

VIDEO: Charlotte’s Web for Epilepsy Consortium

The Epilepsy Association of Central Florida, EpilepsyU and The Realm of Caring Florida present “Charlotte’s Web: A Consortium for Understanding Florida’s Compassionate Care Law” at Concorde Career Institute, Orlando Florida. Filmed November 15, 2014 Featuring: Chuck Carmen, Director, Epilepsy Association of Central Florida Dr. Ngoc Minh Le, Epileptologist, Pediatric Neurology, P.A. Paige Figi, Founder, Realm […]