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Research Shows Neurons “Fine Tuned” For Electrical Imbalances

Neurons actively ‘fine tune’ for electrical imbalances at the genetic level, MU research finds Neurons are electrically charged cells, located in the nervous system, that interpret and transmit information using electrical and chemical signals. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have determined that individual neurons can react differently to electrical signals at the molecular […]

Granddaughter’s suffering needs to end

Mackenzie Kulawy’s seemingly last hope is medical marijuana. We watched our beautiful little toddler with a quirky smile turn into a zombie at age 4, taking medication that in the end didn’t help her seizures. Then, she experienced withdrawal from being taken off of it – which many adults find difficult.Then going on a very […]

Empowering Youth With Epilepsy Education!

Why We Should Empower Youth With Epilepsy Education Last spring, I joined my daughter Journey’s fifth grade class as a volunteer on her field trip. I had the pleasure of watching a classmate approach Journey who was taking photos of a museum exhibit. The classmate suggested she turn off the camera flash; he was concerned […]