A measure that calls for creating individualized plans to care for students who have epilepsy or seizure disorders is headed to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk.

The Florida Senate on Wednesday unanimously passed the bill (HB 173), after the House gave unanimous support last month. The proposal would require schools to create “individualized seizure action” plans at the request of parents, with the plans providing guidelines for caring for students with epilepsy.

The plans would have to be developed and signed by medical professionals in consultation with the students’ parents.

Plans also would be required to include information like the students’ symptoms, emergency contacts and details about medications and how to administer them.

School employees who have “regular contact” with students who have individualized plans would be required to complete training on caring for students with epilepsy and seizure disorders. Senate bill sponsor Ileana Garcia, R-Miami, said epilepsy has affected her for much of her life.

“This individualized seizure action plan will help many students with epilepsy or seizure disorders be able to have a more comfortable environment and also help (educate) others … in case a scenario should happen,” Garcia said.

SOURCE: miami.cbslocal.com