It is a plant-based extract with numerous therapeutic benefits, such as anxiety relief, pain relief, epilepsy, etc.

Cannabidiol or CBD has recently received so much media coverage, and you might have heard its name mainly for its association with the controversial marijuana plant. Although this plant has been around forever, it has suddenly become so popular, in a positive way. It is a plant-based extract with numerous therapeutic benefits, such as anxiety relief, pain relief, epilepsy, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, CBD cannot make you high, which is true for a fact. The CBD products you see people using are generally free from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the element in the cannabis plant responsible for its psychoactive properties. Having it removed from a product means that there will be no sedation, drowsiness, or other signs characteristic of the cannabis plant.

While there are so many options to buy CBD products, including gummies, tinctures, oils, and extracts, only a few of them are worth trusting. Not all of these brands follow the same protocol for extracting CBD from the plants; in fact, many of them fail to provide details about its ingredients, sources, and manufacturing information. Although these products are available without a prescription, in most states, there is no central control to regulate their brands, so choosing the best brand to buy CBD products requires self-evaluation and search before making a final decision.

It is necessary to remember that CBD affects every person differently, so before trying any product, make up your mind first and pay attention to every small detail in order to determine the efficacy and safety of a CBD product. To help you make a better decision and investment in health, here are a few options to buy the best CBD gummies, oils, and tinctures. All of these brands are

Full-spectrum CBD products with less than 0.3 THC values

Obtained from organic hemp plants grown locally

Tested and verified by third-party laboratories

Only suitable as per recommended use

Best CBD Gummies, Oils and Tincture brands selected include the following

  1. CBDfx (Best Overall)
  2. Sunday Scaries (Best For Auto-Subscribers)
  3. JustCBD (Best For Sugar-Free Gummies)
  4. CBDistillery (Best For Pure CBD Gummies)
  5. American Shaman (Best For In-Shop Availability)
  6. Charlotte’s Web (Best For Veterans)
  7. Extract Labs (Best For Vegans)
  8. Five CBD  (Best Non-THC Gummies)
  9. Joy Organics  (Best For In-Shop Availability)
  10. Medterra (Best For Beginners)

Before jumping to the best brands to buy CBD gummies, oils, and tinctures, here is a basic introduction to the CBD and different products created from this plant-based compound.

What is CBD and What Makes It Different From Marijuana? 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound (phytocannabinoidfound in the cannabis plant with a medicinal history of thousands of years old. Modern research has confirmed the therapeutic benefits of CBD, confirming it to be a safe and non-addictive compound, making it fit for everyday use. The World Health Organization confirms that CBD has no risks for abuse, dependence, or any side effects in humans and can be used as a therapeutic product. Interestingly, CBD is not the only compound present inside the cannabis (marijuana) plant, and there are many others that play a part in causing various beneficial effects. One of these other compounds is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which gives the famous ‘high’ effects of cannabis, making it illegal in many parts of the world.

THC and CBD both have therapeutic benefits, but CBD does not make its user intoxicated like THC. The reason is that these two phytochemicals act differently on the brain receptors causing similar effects, and this property makes them interchangeable for their usage. The CBD products available in the market use a minimal value of THC that is below the level capable of inducing a high feeling. Without these THC levels, no CBD product can sedate or cause a side effect. The fact that these products are now readily available makes them more desirable to consider in place of over-the-counter medicines. However, the users have to follow the usage instructions dosage guidelines for a safe experience.

How CBD Gummies Help?

CBD and THC target the human body in many ways, one of which is by acting like the naturally occurring compounds in the body, termed as “endogenous cannabinoids” that are a part of the human endocannabinoid system. This name is given to them for sharing similarities with the cannabis compounds.

The discovery of this system has changed the way scientists proceed with understanding diseases and devising treatments. The reason THC and CBD play such versatile roles and the high demand for cannabis, despite being a controversial plant, is the medicinal potential that scientists believe to exist.

This endocannabinoid system controls a number of physiological mechanisms that are functional in routine, for example, energy levels, mood development, sugar metabolism, immunity, blood pressure, hunger, stress response, pain, and much more. Any changes making this system slow indicate a functional flaw in all these bodily systems; likewise, a hyperactive endocannabinoid system does the same. Latest research has confirmed that any modulations to the endocannabinoid system can be used to control the disease progression that typically makes humans sick. Surprisingly, both THC and CBD can modify the endocannabinoid system; however, CBD is preferred to create these safe cannabis products, such as gummies, because of the non-drowsiness and low risk of side effects.

Types of CBD Products 

There is a huge variety of CBD products, and you may see hundreds of brands making these products. The effects of these products are the same, and using any of them is a personal choice. Here are some common names used for CBD products; give them a reading first to understand the product and then look for the top brands to buy the best CBD gummies, tinctures, oils, and other products.

If this is your first time reading about CBD products, check the following glossary to understand the true meaning before you shop for the best CBD gummies, oil, and tincture.

  • Psychoactive CBD: any CBD product having more than 0.3% of THC inside and causing sedative effects.
  • Hemp plant: a species of cannabis sativa plant that is cultivated to produce legal CBD products and fabrics. CBD from hemp is similar to the CBD obtained from the marijuana plant, but unless it has THC inside, it is non-addictive and non-sedative.
  • Full-spectrum CBD: it means that a particular CBD product is made of all cannabinoids, including the 0.3% THC in it.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: it means that all cannabinoids are present in a product excluding THC.
  • CO2 extraction: it is a standard extraction protocol that uses different temperature and pressure settings to draw the CBD out from the plant material.
  • CBD Isolate: a product containing 99% CBD inside and no trace of THC and other cannabinoids in it.
  • CBD oil: it is a product created with a carrier oil to dilute CBD effects, making its absorption better. These oils could be coconut oil, MCT oil, hemp seed oil, or any vegetable glycerin base.
  • CBD Tinctures: it is a product made of hemp-derived CBD dissolved in alcohol or a mixture of oil with alcohol or alcohol with glycerin.

The first name on the list is CBDfx, an established name in the CBD industry that has been around since 2014. The company has successfully made its fan following by providing high-quality CBD products mainly the CBD gummies. Starting from a small scale in San Fernando Valley, it has become one of the top brands to buy CBD gummies, oils, tinctures, and extracts.

It ensures full-spectrum CBD products are tested by third parties for safety. The company provides contact details and welcomes questions from everyone regarding the product, orders, or deliveries.

Here are a few things that you must know about CBDfx products.

  • It sells high-quality gummies, oils and tinctures that have been used and confirmed for their benefits by hundreds of loyal customers.
  • The company has a legit website and takes online orders. All the products are tested and verified, and you can even see the quality certificates posted on the website. You can even scan a QR code to check product details.
  • All the products are made from 100% organic, pesticide-free, and pure hemp plants. These products are non-GMO and vegan/vegetarian friendly.
  • The company uses the latest superficial carbon dioxide method to extract CBD from organic hemp plants.
  • It sells a variety of CBD products such as vapes, topical CBD, bath bombs, salts, CBD drinks, CBD tinctures, CBD treats for pets, CBD skin creams, and much more.
  • The company delivers to all locations in the US.

Extract Labs is another choice to buy the best CBD gummies with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This brand is developed by a former combat veteran, Craig Henderson, who was focused on helping veterans using plant-based solutions. Today, Extract Labs stands tall among the top companies offering high-quality CBD products.

Here are the top features of this brand

  • All products made by Extract Labs are prepared from high-grade and US-grown mature hemp plants.
  • The company offers so many CBD products to meet every user’s needs, whether medical or recreational. It includes oils, tinctures, pet treats, coffee, gummies, topicals, soft gels, chocolates, bath bombs, and much more.
  • It offers unparalleled, active, and prompt customer service to help all new customers.
  • The company offers door-to-door delivery service easing the customers to go and find these products at local markets.
  • It offers free domestic shipping, but international customers might have to pay small delivery charges.
  • There are no harmful ingredients, additives, artificial coloring, or hormones added to the CBD products made by Extract Labs.

Charlotte’s Web is one of the most famous CBD brands that works on a simple goal; to make this world a better place for everyone living here. Established in 2013, CW is one of the pioneers of the CBD products that eventually gained fame when they were featured in a CNN special report presented by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. This report covered the story of a 6-years old girl named Charlotte Figi and her struggle with her Dravet Syndrome that was helped with CBD oil initially developed by the Stanley Brothers duo.

Here are a few things that make it a top choice to buy the best CBD gummies, tinctures, and oils online.

  • It offers the highest quality CBD products made from US- hemp authority-certified sources.
  • The products sold under the CW range from the potency of 210 mg to 6000mg, offering various solutions to every user.
  • The CW CBD oil comes in various concentrations, flavors, and aromas according to every user’s liking. Some of the available options are mint chocolates, orange blossom, lemon twist, etc.
  • The company adds no artificial colors to improve the appearance of the products, and the final look that a customer sees is the original color and look of the processed hemp products.
  • CW is completely transparent about its products offering specialized certificates of analysis (COAs) for every batch on its official website.
  • Charlotte’s Web offers relatively inexpensive CBD products compared to other CBD companies, making it an affordable brand.

Bonus: CW offers bundle packs, THC-free CBD products, and an option to bulk purchase these products. The company offers a huge discount for the veterans, making it an even more affordable brand to buy CBD gummies, oils, and tinctures.

The Final Word 

CBD products are high in demand, and some of their benefits are confirmed through research. However, it is still a long way to discover the complete potential of this plant. Till then, do not believe anything that comes in front of you without scientific evidence. Most CBD benefits, especially for medical treatments, are based on user experiences and not clinically studied; the effects and intensity of these effects could also be different for every user.

This research on finding the effects of CBD oil and tinctures is still in progress, and there are chances that new therapeutic uses of these products will soon be discovered. There is still time needed to learn about the effective dosage planning and usage of CBD oil, finding a natural therapy for various health issues. CBD gummies, on the other hand are an enjoyable way to get the medicinal benefits of cannabis plant, but they are relatively safer than all other CBD products. Those interested in trying CBD products should choose a reliable source to make their purchase, preferably among the aforementioned CBD vendors. Learn about CBD products and select any that you find best. To know the latest pricing and details, visit the official websites of these CBD vendors today.