To raise awareness on epilepsy and reduce the social stigma around it, author Preeti Singh unveiled her book, Of Epilepsy Butterflies. The book encapsulates stories of eight people afflicted with epilepsy, including the author, who was diagnosed with the brain disorder at the age of two.

Placing emphasis on the need to break down existing barriers to understand epilepsy and empathise with people suffering from this condition, Preeti said, “Epilepsy continues to be a social stigma. I was diagnosed with the brain disorder at a really young age. I have faced embarrassment, rejection, negativity and inferiority complex due to my health condition. The turning point came when my friend’s 28-year-old epileptic son died due to SUDEP (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy). It is then that I realised that it was time to write about this condition which is more a social stigma today than a neurological disorder. That’s how the idea behind the book, Of Epilepsy Butterflies was conceived.”


SOURCE:, Tribune News Service