Welcome to EpilepsyU.com a social network dedicated to the epilepsy community

Welcome to Epilepsy U

What is EpilepsyU?

EpilepsyU.com is a brand new, active online resource that not only offers information and epilepsy education, but is a Community for contacts, socialization, support, events, and much more.

EpilepsyU is uniquely designed and can be customized to meet your personal needs! EpilepsyU offers access to educational materials, social networking, group forums and much more! Start by Registering or Logging in with Facebook™. The User Tips page is an excellent resource, please read it if this is your first time here and also please visit our policies page. 

EpilepsyU is “U!” You are an integral part of this UNIQUE experience, and will help us build it every day by registering, participating and sharing this site with your friends.Become part of a NEW network – unlike anything else on the web today!

Hundreds of millions of people have epilepsy and millions more are touched by it every day…we are searching for answers to their questions, seeking information and education on our nation’s number one neurologic disorder, finding support, and providing a place to look for others just like “U”!

Go on,

Learn. Explore. Communicate.

If you have any questions or need support please contact Support@EpilepsyU.com.

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EpilepsyU is funded in part by the Florida Department of Health, endorsed by the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida and Managed by the Epilepsy Association of Central Florida