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  1. Be ready for a prompt 6:00pm start! Thank you all for submitting your questions!

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  2. We need as many registrations as possible, so if you have 30 seconds to click the link and enter your name and email we will be very grateful!

  3. Wanderful dr and person

  4. Wish I could but I have class. Im sure I bombard him with enough questions every month anyway 🙂

  5. Please visit the link above to register and submit questions ahead of time!

  6. You don’t accept my info why

  7. Where and what are you trying to post Michael? Are you a Member of http://www.EpilepsyU.com?

  8. I had a VNS implanted 3 years ago. I love it.

  9. Daniel Lopez

  10. Is this seminar going to be taped? I am unable to view it on the appointed day and time due to a prior commitment.

  11. Shared on our page & on Twitter @EpilepsyFNDN Epilepsy awareness Matters

  12. Curious if any studies have been done to determine if there is a link between lack of glucose to the brain triggering seizure activity.

  13. Anna

  14. Albania Guido ,

  15. This is a cool thing to do, this webinars can actually help lot of ppl with the education being stuck,. Allowing them to know maybe the doctor may need changed.

  16. DR LEE! 😀

  17. Where? Miami?

  18. I have it

  19. I hope he helps someone I’m seeing a Epileptologist and have been told he will make me as comfortable as possible and sent me to a therapist 20 yrs have gone by now have been from Kansas city to Dallas Texas to Joplin , MO to Springfield, MO have a VNS on 4 different meds and have had 4 EEG. My kids are what keep me going

  20. Tiffany Brown

  21. Hey that’s Dr Lee my son doctor omg he’s an awesome doctor. #MeAndMailkLoveUDrLee

  22. Can’t be there due to a function with my son, but hope it is recorded and posted later.

  23. Ashley Pabon,Rosemary Bakelac,Lourdes Lopez

  24. Rodney Wade

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