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VIDEO: Mother Moved From GA to CO For Treatment for Daughter Says It Is Working

VIDEO: Mother Moved From GA to CO For Treatment for Daughter Says It Is Working

A mother who says she was forced to move to Colorado after a bill to legalize medical marijuana in Georgia failed says her daughter is doing much better.

In April, Janea Cox moved to Colorado, without her husband, to get life-changing medicine for her daughter, Haleigh, who suffers from seizures.

Janea says her daughter has gone from more than 200 seizures per day to “about seven on a really bad day.”

Doctors say the number of seizures could go down even more, according to Janea Cox.

The mother said she still hopes that Georgia could legalize medical marijuana.

“I have faith that we’re going to pass it this year,” Janea Cox said. “How could you not seeing how the lives of children are changing right now. Haleigh’s not the only one that’s moved from Georgia recently, and I know that the others that have moved have seen huge amounts of changes with their seizures through medical cannabis.”

Janea said she’s not sure when she’ll be able to get back to Georgia.

“Haleigh didn’t get to spend Father’s Day with her own dad because Georgia didn’t want to pass this law,” Janea said. “It’s hard and we miss him so much.”

Still, Janea said that she doesn’t regret moving to Colorado because of the great strides she’s seen in Haleigh.

Click the video above to watch the entire interview.

SOURCE: http://www.11alive.com/story/news/health/2014/06/26/medical-marijuana-haleigh-cox/11431327/

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