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User Tips

EpilepsyU offers many features, and before you become familiar, it may seem complicated. It’s not, we promise. Soon this site will be second nature, just like Facebook. In fact, many of our features are similar to Facebook and Twitter and the site is integrated with both social networks. This brings us to our first tip:


  1. Log in with Facebook™! Log into Facebook in  your browser before logging in to EpilepsyU. Registering and logging in to EpilepsyU will be just a few clicks away with our Facebook™ connect feature. Note: If you create an account manually and you come back and “log in with Facebook” at another time, your account will merge automatically if your Facebook and EpilepsyU emails match. If not, another account will be started automatically if your Facebook email does not match your account email and will not link to your previous account automatically – you will have 2 accounts. If you log in with Facebook the first time you visit EpilepsyU, you will also be emailed a username/password to log in manually in the event that Facebook connect doesn’t work. This is what we suggest if you plan to use the Facebook Log In Feature.
  2. Find others like “U”. Fill out your profile completely, then use the hyperlinks that are created on your public profile to instantly search for others like “U”! Use the search members feature to search by name or keyword.
  3. Start a blog. EpilepsyU allows you to create a WordPress blog of your own, just like http://wordpress.com. Contact Admin for help with your blog and adding more Themes, Plugins and more. For more information on how to use our blogging feature check out our videos for bloggers and for even more info, go to the WordPress knowledge base.
  4. Make friends. Friend requests work just like Facebook. Your potential friend will get a notification and will have the right to approve or deny your friendship request.
  5. Learn. The Epilepsy Association of Central Florida Group offers a full suite of learning activities including reading assignments, quizzes, games and more, visit the EACF’s Courseware. The EpilepsyU group, Law Enforcement, and First Responders and Medical Personnel Groups have additional Courseware modules for extended and specific learning. Join a group to participate in the courses and activities! When a group has a lot of courses, simply filter the assignments by a topic using the search feature. Enter a word like “senior” or “bicycle” to see all assignments related to that topic, instantly! To view the entire list of assignments and courses please visit the Resources tab.
  6. Teach. To apply to be a teacher, visit your own profile and then hit Edit Profile>Courseware>Apply for Teacher. This will allow you to administrate assignments in all groups to which you belong. You will be contacted by a member of our staff before you are approved for this privilege.
  7. Discuss. Check out the forum directory. If you start a topic, make sure you select a group to post in and that you are a member of that group. All forum posts are filtered for profanity and subject to moderation at the discretion of the site administrators. Keep it clean, fair, and avoid sounding like a doctor unless you are one!
  8. Post Links and Media Globally or Within a Group. You can add links and media to status updates pictures and links to YouTube and other popular video sites. Status Updates, Links and media can be posted globally or within a group. Note that group status updates and links may also be available globally depending on the groups specific privacy settings. Links are resources to content outside of this site, we cannot take responsibility for exterior content but we monitor and moderate the site for inappropriate content. Please post responsibly.
  9. Request support. We make every possible effort to ensure a smooth experience, but if you need help, or notice something wrong, please simply send a private message to Admin or email support@epilepsyu.com. For a full list of policies, please visit our policies page. 
  10. Mobile. Visit this site on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Android powered device to view our mobile site. Almost every feature is available, except for some Adobe Flash™ games in the assignments areas. Add this site to your mobile device’s home screen!

Finally, before you begin, please make sure that you have read, understand and agree to our policies!

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