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CBDs Enabling Improvements In Treatment Resistant Epilepsy

Evidence has been just been released revealing that CBD oils can significantly improve seizure frequency, symptoms and other measures of efficacy in patients suffering with treatment resistant epilepsy, as published in the journal Epilepsy and Behavior. Results of this study from researchers at the University of Alabama indicate use of CBD oil reduced adverse events and seizure severity along with decreases in overall seizure frequency. 132 patients were included in this study: 60 adults and 72 children with intractable epilepsy who did not respond to traditional therapies. Subject data was analyzed at baseline and again from visits at 12, 24, and 48 weeks. Frequency of seizures decreased from mean of 144 seizures every 2 weeks at baseline to 52 seizures over 2 weeks, decreases remained st...

GW Pharma Reveals Epidiolex Pricing

GW Pharmaceutical released financials for its fiscal 2018 Q3 after the close today and hosted a conference call for investors and analysts. Readers can access a full transcript provided courtesy of Seeking Alpha. As the company nears the launch of its cannabis-derived treatment for seizures in patients with rare forms of epilepsy, the investor community is focused almost exclusively on Epidiolex and its commercialization. One of the big questions for the company in recent quarters has been its expected pricing, and the company revealed during the conference call for the first time that Epidiolex will cost $32,500 per year on average, depending upon the weight of the patient and the dosing. The goal of the company, according to Julian Gangolli, who, as President, North America, is leading t...

Medical cannabis for epilepsy approved in FDA first

In the context of an ever-louder international debate on whether patients with severe forms of epilepsy should be allowed to use medical cannabis to manage their condition, the Food and Drug Administration have just officially approved one such drug.   The Food and Drug Administration have just approved a cannabis-based drug for the first time.