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Stanford Study Confirms: CBD is an effective treatment for Epilepsy

Stanford Study Confirms: CBD is an effective treatment for Epilepsy

cannabis-epilepsy-trials-3-09-20According to a new survey out of Stanford University, a cannabidiol-rich (high CBD) cannabis extract may be widely effective for children with epilepsy. The survey, published in the December issue ofEpilepsy & Behavior, compiled responses from 18 parents who had turned to a special form of cannabis to treat their child’s severe epilepsy. The work begins now to determine which types of epilepsy CBD is going to help, its side effects, and how it interacts with other anti-seizure drugs.

In some cases, parents reported a reduction in seizure frequency of up to 80% and 83% indicated a reduction in their child’s seizure frequency, with little to no side effects of cannabis treatment. Four of the children suffered from Doose syndrome, one had Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, one had idiopathic epilepsy, and thirteen had Dravet syndrome.

Catherine Jacobson, PhD, who lead the study believes that the results support CBD-rich cannabis as an effective epilepsy medicine. Dr. Jacobson reviewed the literature after hearing that some parents were having success using CBD-rich cannabis and found research dating back to the 1970s that supported the anecdotes. She was inspired to conduct the study by her own search for a treatment that could help her epileptic son.

Now part of a team at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Dr. Jacobson is leading the clinical investigations on a high-grade CBD extract developed by GW Pharmaceuticals. The company announced that it had received FDA approval to begin experimental treatments with Epidiolex in epileptic children, just last month. Orrin Devinsky, MD at the NYU School of Medicine, and Roberta Cilio, MD, PhD at UCSF are the leading research. Initial results are expected early next year. (Via StT.org)

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  1. My 31 year old son has LGS and we have never been able to fully control his seizures . He has been on every known medication and I am very interested in trying CBD for him

    • I also have a son who is 31, who has the same problem. He has tried almost all medicines, and nothing has controlled seizures completely. He has never been able to drive. Please share information, as I will want to also,

  2. So encouraging for children

  3. I take CBD oil for my seizures. I have had 0 seizures since taking it. I am so fortunate to live in Colorado.

    • My daughter has seizures and no drugs help. She has begun to experiment with cbd but so far has not been successful as there are no guidelines. How much do you take??? What type of epilepsy to you have?
      Please email me at the above email address.

  4. Are they going to do any work with this for seizures caused by problems with the potassium channels in the brain which causes seizures?

  5. Epidiolex is less effective in controling seizures than whole plant cannabis extract oil with as low as 50:1 CBD:THC ratio, due to the 0% THC content in Epidiolex. Realm of Caring & the Stanley brothers have already developed a superior product, shouldn’t these children receive the most effective cannabinoid content possible? THC is not the “bad” cannabinoid.

    • To Mr. Charles Waller, where did you get that specific information on Epidiolex? If your statement is true, this is very important to all those searching for relief for those in need. Please respond.

    • Mr. Weller, could you please tell us where you obtained the information on Epidiolex?

  6. One of the things that can cause seizures in people that the Doctors just disregard as a potential epilepsy trigger, is MSG. and Aspartame. I live with my partner and she has had seizures for over 35 years… and I figured out it was the MSG and Aspartame in the food that has been causing her seizures and when we stopped those products from her diet her seizures almost stopped.. There are many things the manufacture uses to hide MSG from the labels of food products.. You can find them on my website on the right under (Hidden sources of MSG) http://www.my-healthy.info/4u or you can go to this website and read more about MSG and Aspartame http://www.truthinlabeling.org/CookBook_Final.pdf I hope this will help anyone that is plagued with these debilitating problems as MSG and Aspartame is in almost all processed foods and they try to hide that by using other names for those products.

  7. Full extract cannabis oil is the only way to go. You can try CBD’s from hops …. it’s just not the same. FECO, or full extract has synergistic properties from the many other plant components that make cannabis CBD so effective.

    Just by inhaling cannabis smoke has stopped my friends seizures …. going on ten years without one.

    It’s too bad that pharmaceutical companies want in on making drugs out of cannabis, when the whole plant is obviously the best choice. We will let them lie to us and tell us, that when the drug companies make cannabis tinctures …. it is sooooo much better and safer …. and soooo much more $$$$$$..

  8. Sadly, we’ve always known this. In the bible, and in Victorian times Cannabis, is documented to rid you of demons. Cannabis has always been used To excorsise evil spirits from your body. EPILEPSY used to be believed to be demonic possession. Imagine how horribly people would’ve treated those poor innocent people. Kind of like the world treats Cannabis users now I guess.

  9. Now that Coloradans are enjoying a decrease in seizures, we need to rush legislation across the US.

    In Pennsylvania, that process starts with replacing an uninformed, uninterested governor with a knowledgable, empathetic governor, John Hanger.

    John Hanger is NORML’s endorsed candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania.

    Register as Democrat before 4/20
    Show Up! to the polls on 5/20 to nominate John Hanger as the Democratic Primary Candidate.

    See John Hanger’s clear stance on all the issues, here: http://www.hangerforgovernor.com/?recruiter_id=1350

  10. It is a natural plant that people can grow themselves or get from decent folk similar to the folk who produce Charlottes web for little or nothing. So obviously the pharma corporations will be worried about their profits. And when large corporations feel threatened then politicians can be influenced. Just make sure you get the right people in power. The people who pass the laws allowing this 100% naturla medicine. Medicine that works for a change.

  11. I was diagnosed In 1969 with epilepsy which presented with daily (what was called then) grand mal and petit mal seizures. I was on a host of meds that helped somewhat.

    As an adult -some 30 yrs after the seizures stopped in 1977 – I began having episodes again. I went on meds but had issues. I began using cannabis and weened myself almost off the pharmas.

    Cannabis resolves and helps so many conditions. I have problems with pharmas taking over this plant. It will be added with other compounds/chemicals. I disagree also with those legislators that want mj legal thru pharmacies. This is a plant. Again… no control over the strain, how grown or strength/quality of the product. I dont want government telling me what will work best for my body.

    This is why prohibition must end. That is different than legalization. Legalization = criminals (anyone who doesn’t folliw the law precisely.
    Ending Prohibition removes this plant from the law. It puts it back as it was put here before man. A flowering plant.

  12. Can anybody please give me details of a medical professional prepared to help with administering CBD oil. My son is 14. He has Schizencephaly. He has been on the ketogenic diet for 12 years after having control with medication. We live in South Africa and are struggling to find any support or info locally. Thank you

    • Marcus – have you managed to find help in SA?

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