Announcing “Share the Love” – a fundraising campaign for the Epilepsy Association of Central Florida’s shaken baby awareness campaign.

Shaken Baby Impact Syndrome (SBIS) is one of the leading causes of infant deaths and acquired forms of epilepsy. Our shaken baby awareness campaign is one of the leading forces in the country helping to spread awareness and put a stop to this horrible abuse.

EACF’s shaken baby awareness campaign includes sending materials and live educational presentations for youth and parents to Central Florida area schools, businesses, hospitals, clinics and even jails. Our website ( is one of the leading resources for information about this trauma online. We also sell an educational DVD online that helps us cover the cost of the program. This DVD needs to be updated badly, and with your help, we can make this a reality.
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Shaken Baby Impact Syndrome Information:
One shaken baby in four dies.
Some studies estimate that 15% of all young children’s deaths are due to battering or shaking, and an additional 15% are possible cases of shaking. That is a possible 30% of all infant deaths that can be blamed on trauma that could have been avoided through education.
Many babies go into a seizure immediately after trauma, others may have seizure(s) later or develop lifelong epilepsy.
Shaken Baby Impact Syndrome can be blamed for a large percentage of acquired epilepsy and learning disabilities.
Never Shake a Baby!