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  • Gina posted an update 6 years, 6 months ago

    well Summer is doing pretty good. She is still having 2-4 clusters a night of gelastics with tonic-clonic as well. The doctors in Miami say they might have a procedure to help remove the residual HH. I still have to talk it over with her Neuro here in Jacksonville.Otherwise, we’re doing ok.

    • Thanks for the update, Gina. We are sorry to hear that little Summer is still having nightly seizures. We wish the very best for her and you.

      • I am really nervous about doing another surgery even though it is minimally invasive. I have questions concerning my daughters SSI. I’m wondering if they would take it away if she became seizure free? She would still be impaired on the educational side and the occupational side. I guess that’s something I need to talk over with a lawyer about.