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  • Pamela posted an update 6 years, 7 months ago

    @heathersteelehernandez Hi heather I can’t find the button to accept he friend request you sent me, couldn’t remember my name on my account in here so signed in through facebook then by doing that I didn’t have the accept button for the friend request. So now I am lost how to accept the friend request! I guess I should log on more often. I have been sick with a blood clot for the last month so I have been having a lot of stress, I guess that is why my brain is not working as well as usual. But no seizures!

    • I got a new password! and now remember my sign in name. I just have had so much stress the last month I am having trouble remembering new stuff like that!
      Thank you for the help!

      • We are glad to hear “U” got it handled! We are deeply sorry to hear about your health issues!

        • Thank you! I made it to the gym today for yoga and spin class for the first time in almost 2 weeks, felt a lot better today! YAY!

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