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Mary Ady Fontaine

  • There’s a long list of epilepsy-related terms and definitions on the EFA eCommunities website. It was posted several times (tho probably slightly modified each time). Don’t remember how long ago. Do you want me to go looking for it? Does someone else want to?

    Some quickly brainstormed ideas:
    * nicknames for different meds (eg Dopamax,…[Read more]

    • Vim-POW! I am going to go post a picture of what it looks like:DEATH after two months. Do not share this photo off of Epilepsy U. Vimpat, made my Keppra XR & Klonopin stop working & make a clear EEG turn into a Ambulatory 3 day EEG that had no break in seizures, with some in between. I now have not slept longer than 3-5 hour on average since…[Read more]

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    Yes, this is touching and tragic. You described the implications of this well, Maria. Thanks to @mary.fontaine for posting this on Facebook.

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    The #UseTheU giveaway entry period is now over! Thank you to everyone who participated in conversations and blogs on this site and mentions on Twitter. The winner will be selected and announced on Monday, November 7.

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    We are so excited to see the activity pick up here on EpilepsyU. We would like to send a special thank you to our highly active bloggers, @carolann1459, @myrickma, @mary.fontaine, @apopkamomma . You guys really enrich this site’s content and we are thankful to have you in the EpilepsyU community.

    • I really enjoy writing the Blog. It gives me great peace to share and hopefully one of my stories can help another parent. Have a Better Day Everyone

      • I’m like Erica. I enjoy blogging. I started this blog earlier this year and couldn’t develop any type of following. Epielpsy U is a great venue for me to share thoughts and encouragement. When I started writing, I was going between talking about seizure problems and problems that the elderly encounter. But, in the end, seizures have my heart so I…[Read more]

        • There is, of course, the intersection between seizures and problems of the elderly – eg new onset epilepsy post stroke.

          And then there are people like me in 2005-09, caring for elderly parents while having frequent seizures. A lot of discussion about issues for parents with epilepsy, virtually nothing about people with epilepsy caring for adults.

          • Wow Maria! You make some wonderful points. You may find some of my early postings intersting. Besides strokes, alzheimers patients may have an onset of seizures. This will be a great venue to share all kinds of thoughts and concerns. Thank you.

            • My mother had Alzheimers and severe COPD, amongst other things. She died in late 2009.