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Maria X

  • Thanks to @maristrider ‘s suggestions, EpilepsyU has 3 new achievements:

    Commenter (3 points for commenting on ANY blog post), Supporter (2 points for replying to any activity item) and Get Involved (2 points for posting group activity). Just so you know the “Join the U” achievement was removed, and so was “Forum Monkey” (for now).

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    • Quite a few people are commenting on the activity stream, but nobody has unlocked the Supporter badge yet. Take a look how much @dustin has been posting (thanks Dustin!), then take a look at his Achievement points – big mismatch. Methinks we might have a problem.

      • The supporter badge should be working now. It is now a one time 5 point achievement and is unlocked by replying to activity update(s) 10 times.

  • Maria X posted an update 6 years, 12 months ago

    I’ve changed my username. @maristrider = @purplegrrloz. I still like purple, and I’m still from Australia. I also stride; my meatspace name starts with ”mari” and my second life name is Amari Farstrider. Having the same username on different forums is probably a good idea.