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  • Kevin posted an update in the group Group logo of Working with epilepsyWorking with epilepsy 3 years, 1 month ago

    It been a while since I been on this web site. I just am getting mad at my bosses they ask me to stay and work a little later but when I have to tell them no they get a little mad at me. I try to tell them if they would let me know earlier then I would have know problems with staying. I just would have told my ride to just come latter. I try to tell them in October I would be able to do anything for them because I can drive again. I have told them many of times that but they just don’t listen. I told them that the doctor has me on the right med. That I haven’t had an seizures in 4 months and in October is when the doctor could say it ok for me to drive again. Some times I fill like quitting because They don’t listen and I am getting to work more hours. It just makes me so mad. I just can’t wait for October when I am able to drive. I am looking for a new job so when I start driving and get hired to a new job I can tell them how I feel about them and this company.