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  • Kevin posted an update in the group Group logo of Working with epilepsyWorking with epilepsy 4 years, 7 months ago

    It been some time since I was last on this website. I just was told that I could not get a job because of my epilepsy. I had to do a dot physical and pass but with having epilepsy I was unable to pass it. I was told by the doctor that was doing the test that I need to talk with the doctor to see if I can be taken off my medications. After I would be off of them I had to be seizure for 5 years then I could try to pass the dot physical. I went back to the company that was going to hire me and asked them why I have to d the dot physical if I am just working in the yard loading the trucks and she said because I might have to go out on the truck now and then so that why I had to do the test. I just think that is wrong she should of told me that I had to get a physical and tell people what the dot physical is and I would have save her sometime. I just don’t think it is right I have been seizure free for over a year and my medications are helping me to sty that way. Why do you need to be off your drugs to get some jobs.

    • Sorry to hear this Kevin. I don’t understand why a DOT physical unless you have a CDL and was driving. Wish you the best in looking for a more understanding employer.