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  • Maria X posted a new activity comment 6 years, 11 months ago

    Quite a few people are commenting on the activity stream, but nobody has unlocked the Supporter badge yet. Take a look how much @dustin has been posting (thanks Dustin!), then take a look at his Achievement points – big mismatch. Methinks we might have a problem.

    • The supporter badge should be working now. It is now a one time 5 point achievement and is unlocked by replying to activity update(s) 10 times.

  • @dustin Thanks for adding all of those great pics of your family! They are really sweet. As an activity item, they will continue to scroll down as new stuff happens, and will get buried under all the other activity. To truly log these photos, upload to your personal album – http://epilepsyu.com/members/dustin/album/ Thanks again for sharing!

  • Maria X posted a new activity comment 6 years, 11 months ago

    How old is your son @annika.coleman? There are many parents of children with epilepsy signed up here – there are sure to be some with similar experiences.

    I’m an adult with intractable epilepsy and other disabilities since childhood. Daily seizures for much of my life (tho now doing better than in 20 odd years!). Like @dustin, I’m happy to talk.