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  • Hello All! I am new to the group. I have a niece, Marissa, who is 17 and living with epilepsy. Her condition is worsening as she gets older. Her meds have been changed so much over the years. Now she is suffering with sleep deprivation. She has a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep. i appreciate any suggestions or advice.

    • Does she have a good epileptologist she goes to Lori? The sleep issue could be related to her medication(s). I would check that out. Our goal is not to let her get worse as gets older but better. What kind of seizures does she have? Have they told you?

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    I am currently living in the UAE but have worked both in Canada and UAE. I don’t remember much about previous jobs but have been told by my father(who I first worked for) that he doesn’t like me working since I always became unconscious at the workplace. I dont remember that happening but I have serious memory issues. I studied for a B.Sc in…[Read more]

    • Thank you for sharing Anoop! We wish you much support and hope that your memory improves over time!

    • Thanks for being there folks! As for memory while my long term has always been an issue, i managed to improve my short term memory for almost a year by using Ayurvedic treatment. The effect seems to be wearing off now though as for the past few days I’ve once again been forgetting stuff on a daily basis. Maybe its time for treatment again….

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    i work for the State & they have the documentation over & over for years but make no adjustments, in my immediate cubic farm they did get the screen protectors for the two monitors i use daily but when the computer itself was switched out & the screens got bigger did not upgrade the protectors to be larger making it harder to see everything on the…[Read more]

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    • Welcome Angela. Nice to have you with us here at the U I will drop you a internal email of welcome to see if it is working for you.

  • Stupid Ramblings of a brain that is wired in a way that can not be fixed, nor should it, maybe… I think to much, I know, but it is me and there is nothing I can do about it…. Please do not read this as there is no point, just another pointless facebook post from me because if I really had a pair I would do something instead of posting it on facebook…

    I get so tempted to just walk away from everything. Whether it be medicine, technology, or even baseball. Vanish to somewhere between the lost and the found. Vanish to somewhere that needs a grunt worker, maybe a 3rd world country far from everything, but yet I do not do it, why? Well I guess I am just a wimp. I talk of all this crap about epilepsy not holding me back but yet I do not just walk away because I need my medicine. Does this make me a hypocrite? Probably…I do not have much, I do not want much, but why then does it then seem like you need money in order to go away and just live in a hut and cook beans for hungry kids? Is this just another excuse? Am I thinking too much because I am to scared to do too much instead? Am I just another corny man trying to make himself look useful by being a facebook fundraiser? Am I saying all this because I want some sort of reassurance that I am not? That is the last thing I want, but what I do want is to find what I am supposed to do and do it without being scared. There are people all over this planet that have epilepsy and have no access to medicine but yet they still get by day by day. So why can’t I? I will tell you why, I am just too much of a wimp and need to grow a pair! I need to start walking and just keep walking without looking back and practice what I damn well preach! What does it matter though…I am just another dude living off your tax dollars pretending to be useful by walking mile after mile. I am just another epileptic thinking too damn much… I am just another dude whining for no good reason…I am just another dude who want to find his place in this world and I can not do that if I keep walking in circles…

  • ThumbnailFor patients with mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE) that can’t be controlled by medications, a minimally invasive laser procedure performed under MRI guidance provides a safe and effective alternative to […]

  • It is time for some end of the month stats…. First off this month we walked a total of 138.9 miles which at 2 pence per mile works out to a £2.77 donation with all proceeds going to Epilepsy Action!





    For the month of May…
    138.9 miles in 41 hrs 48 min and 55 sec
    18 min and 4 sec was our avg. pace per mile
    4.48 miles was our daily avg (31 days)
    8.68 miles per walk (16 walks for #epilepsy)
    All miles in the history of Who needs a car? Walking for Epilepsy…

    1004.35 miles – Wooohoooo, we hit 1,000+ in 303.53 hrs
    143.48 mile avg per month – (7 months)
    4.74 miles avg per day (212 days)
    8.17 miles avg per walk (123 walks)
    2.47 hrs walked per walk avg.

    Total money raised so far for epilepsy via mine and Riggs walking…

    £566.62 + £94.47 in Gift Aid = £661.09….WOOHOOOO!!!!!

    This works out for an average of….

    £0.66 for every mile walked
    £3.12 for every day we walked (212)
    £5.37 for every single walk (123)
    £94.44 average raised per month (7)
    £6.61 average per donation (100 and counting)

    Thank you all so much for making this possible and for supporting Riggs and I as we continue to walk mile after mile for epilepsy and those who can not walk for themselves. Who needs a car? Right, We do not we are blessed with our legs. Just got to keep putting on in front of the other….. Cmon Riggs, let’s go buddy!

    Below is a link if you would like to donate the £2.77 for the month of May, and a link to see the graph of miles walked in May, and also a link to our next event in June. Simply join the event and at the end of the month I send out a group message. I know this money you donate is very hard earned so we walk hard for it. No cold calling here, we are some very hot steppers. Here come the Hot Stepper, Word up. Have to be my age to remember that one, anyway, thanks and have a great month of June!

    To donate £2.77 for this months miles simply go to our Just Giving page and it will go directly to Epilepsy Action… Here is the link…


    To see the miles we walked this month a.k.a proof lol…. Go to this link, I hope it works….Sometimes it does not as you have to sign in as me… Here ya go anyway… Nike, and even though it is a running app we walk


    To Sponsor Riggs (my dog) and I (Jonathan) the founders of Who needs a Car? Walking for Epilepsy simply click on the following link and join the party. 2 pence for mile and we walk between 130-150! No obligations period. I have a real dog and I think I am a real person and we are really walking our butts off….I can promise you that. I will shut up now and give you next months link….



  • Love my kids!

  • ThumbnailToday’s miles are dedicated to the daughter of Emma Louise Page one of Who needs a Car’s followers. This special girls name was Emma Jane and unfortunately she is not with us anymore but as her mother said she is […]

  • Riggs and I got a big walk in today as we went for a whopping 11.13 miles and we were moving at record pace as it took us just over 3 hours to complete the trek. This gives us 80.7 on the month and brings our […]

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