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Carol Carmella

  • We are so excited to see the activity pick up here on EpilepsyU. We would like to send a special thank you to our highly active bloggers, @carolann1459, @myrickma, @mary.fontaine, @apopkamomma . You guys really enrich this site’s content and we are thankful to have you in the EpilepsyU community.

    • I really enjoy writing the Blog. It gives me great peace to share and hopefully one of my stories can help another parent. Have a Better Day Everyone

      • I’m like Erica. I enjoy blogging. I started this blog earlier this year and couldn’t develop any type of following. Epielpsy U is a great venue for me to share thoughts and encouragement. When I started writing, I was going between talking about seizure problems and problems that the elderly encounter. But, in the end, seizures have my heart so I…[Read more]

        • There is, of course, the intersection between seizures and problems of the elderly – eg new onset epilepsy post stroke.

          And then there are people like me in 2005-09, caring for elderly parents while having frequent seizures. A lot of discussion about issues for parents with epilepsy, virtually nothing about people with epilepsy caring for adults.

          • Wow Maria! You make some wonderful points. You may find some of my early postings intersting. Besides strokes, alzheimers patients may have an onset of seizures. This will be a great venue to share all kinds of thoughts and concerns. Thank you.