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  • Anoop Alex posted an update in the group Group logo of Working with epilepsyWorking with epilepsy 4 years ago

    I am currently living in the UAE but have worked both in Canada and UAE. I don’t remember much about previous jobs but have been told by my father(who I first worked for) that he doesn’t like me working since I always became unconscious at the workplace. I dont remember that happening but I have serious memory issues. I studied for a B.Sc in Computer Science at the University of Toronto but in my 3rd year I had to leave the country for better healthcare. In UAE to work you need a work visa and only an employer can get one for you. I doubt any employer would hire me since I only technically have a high school degree. I try to learn new skills by studying by myself on the web but if I cant put the information into practice I forget it soon. Fortunately, my parents support me financially but that hurts my self esteem. I’ve managed to improve it by doing volunteer work for a couple months in India but am not currently working. Also, you have to be seizure free for 2 years here to apply for a drivers license so getting a job without a car is unlikely. Public transport is new here and cabs are very expensive.

    • Thank you for sharing Anoop! We wish you much support and hope that your memory improves over time!

    • Thanks for being there folks! As for memory while my long term has always been an issue, i managed to improve my short term memory for almost a year by using Ayurvedic treatment. The effect seems to be wearing off now though as for the past few days I’ve once again been forgetting stuff on a daily basis. Maybe its time for treatment again….