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  • A Seizure in Water

    If a seizure occurs in water, the person should be supported in the water with the head tilted so his face and head stay above the surface. He or she should be removed from the water as […]

    • I wish my local public transport system based their policy on this. If you have a seizure on a bus, tram or train where I live, and transit staff become aware of this, policy dictates that aramedics are called. The bus/tram/train is stopped to wait for them, often for relatively long periods (low-priority callout = slow response), and even if someone is happy to meet you and drive you home. (Can you tell I’ve had a LOT of seizures on public transport? Not unsurprisingly, given how much time I have spent on it!)

    • that is very true that what worry’s me becuase there time’s that out of no were i’ll have one.