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  • EpilepsyUni posted an update 6 years, 11 months ago

    We removed the “Chat” feature a while ago because it was never used. Do you want us to bring it back?

    • Maybe if there was a specific chat time? There is also the Epilepsy Brainstorms chat room http://www.epilepsybrainstorms.org. At the moment, they have two organized chats a week there, but available to be used at any time (ie regular weekly EpilepsyU-lead chats could be organised there, which could be beneficial for both sites).

      • That would be good. We should have more chatting opportunities because as this grows there is going to be more need and different time zones, etc….

        • We already have people from different timezones here. Me = GMT+10 (+11 now on summer time). Time zone issues are definitely something to be aware of when promoting webinars, which have a potentially international audience. Don’t just give local time – plug it into a time converter and give a link.

          • I have found many time converters online, I even tried a few website plugins. Do you have an example of the format you would like to see or a website that outputs a link? I gather the solution you are requesting would be a posted time that is a link such as 11/14/2011 4:35 PM GMT -5 and if you click on it you can enter your own time zone to view your local time?