HIPAA Training

Please complete all courses and submit your quiz results to your supervisor to satisfy HIPAA Training requirements for healthcare providers.

Step 1 – Read the Learning Resource

Open and read the learning resource in the format of choice. You can view it in Powerpoint or PDF  format.

There are questions in this resource to get you thinking, but you don’t need to record or submit your answers. This is not the graded portion of the training)

Step 2 – Reading Assignments and Quizzes

Read all four assignments and complete the quizzes at the bottom of each reading assignment. This is the graded portion of the training. The following pages are password protected, to enter the assignments, please get the password from your supervisor or request it from the website admin.

Please complete all four sections below. You may take these out of the suggested order if you wish.

Step 3 – Email and print your results

When you complete the quizzes, make sure to submit the data by entering your username, real name, and valid email address in the submission form, to receive a copy of your results via email. Print all quiz results from emails and submit these to your supervisor all stapled together with a completed cover sheet on top. A copy of your results will be recorded by EpilepsyU in the event you need another copy.