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Diastat is quickly gaining prevalence in our schools, hospitals, clinics and workplaces. This is a rectally injected gel that can stop a seizure. It is intended for use on persons that are taking seizure control medications for “breakout” seizures. EpilepsyU was asked to provide information on Diastat in order to increase awareness about the product and provide training to those who may need to administer it. EpilepsyU is in no way affiliated with Diastat’s parent company; Valeant Pharmaceuticals. All of this information can also be found on the Diastat homepage.

We have  posted the general information sheet along with instruction diagram in PDF form so that you may download and print for easy reference. We also have provided a link to their promotional / instructional video.

DIASTAT AcuDial is the first and only FDA-approved, acute at-home medication for patients two years and older on stable antiepileptic medications (AEDs) who experience bouts of increased seizure activity, sometimes called serial or cluster seizures or breakthrough seizures.

DIASTAT AcuDial can help treat your breakthrough seizure safely and effectively and may help avoid a trip to the emergency room.

With DIASTAT AcuDial you can stop a seizure soon after it starts. Breakthrough seizures may still happen even if your loved one is taking antiepileptic medications every day.

To continue training, please refer to the educational document linked below. This document contains a graphic demonstrating how to administer Diastat and Frequently asked questions 

Click Here or the Graphic Below to View, Download or Print the PDF

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