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CBD for Epilepsy

CBD for Epilepsy


RESULTS: CBD for Epilepsy Questionnaire. We have reached 153 entries, so we have tallied and posted the results. The results easily show an overwhelming public support for CBD for Epilepsy Research.

Question 1. – Support for CBD Research

Question: “At your current level of education and understanding about the benefits and risks of using Cannabis extracts for seizure treatment, do you support or condemn the claims that CBD can treat severe forms of epilepsy?”

Options (plus user entered response which we read and assigned to the 2 general views, or applied to other):

  • I support CBD research, and I currently believe it will be proven effective.
  • I believe that CBD will not be proven effective, and this is a waste of time.
  • I am personally opposed to Cannabis derived medicine.




95 % of respondents support CBD research for Epilepsy. 

Question 2. – Support for Pediatric Treatment

Question: “Would you support Pediatric treatments with CBD?”

Options (plus user entered response which we read and assigned to the 3 general views, or applied to “Not Sure”) :

  • No, CBD should be for adults only if it is proven effective.
  • If CBD is proven effective, use it on whomever it may benefit if the side effects are low risk, or comparatively low risk to other treatment options.
  • No one should have access to Cannabis in any form. 



96% of respondents would support Pediatric CBD treatment if proven effective.

Question 3. – Moving for Access to Cannabis Derived Medicines

Question: “I would move to a “Medical Marijuana” state if it would benefit me or a family member.”


  • Yes, I would move to get myself or my child the best treatment available.
  • No, I would not move simply for availablility of a certain medicine.
  • I would weigh the pros and cons and base my decision on the specific circumstances.



61% of respondents would move for Cannabis Care if it were to benefit self or family member. 

Question 4. – Support for Recreational Cannabis (Full Legalization/Decriminalization)

Question: “Do you support Recreational Cannabis use?”

Options (we ended up grouping options 2 and 4 since they both support recreational access):

  • Cannabis should only be a medicine.
  • Cannabis can improve the lives of many people, and should be available both medicinally and recreationally. It can also be used as a major revenue stream.
  • Cannabis should be illegal for any use.
  • I support legalization and decriminalization not (only) to improve the lives of the people who use it but to stop making criminals of people who are not and reduce the burden of taxpayers on jail expenses for non-violent, non-serious drug offenses.



68% of respondents support full legalization or decriminalization of Cannabis for both medical and recreational use.

This concludes our results from the CBD for Epilepsy Survey. Thank you to all who participated. Please save and share this survey results with your lawmakers and social media circles to spread the word. The public opinion of CBD for Epilepsy is extremely positive based on the results of this survey that contained the answers from 253 Anonymous Respondents.

The first data run has been completed, but still want to voice your opinion? Please do! When we reach 500 if any statistical difference is realized, we will post the new results.

Below is an CBD Fact Sheet and a brief history of Cannabis and Epilepsy

Cannabidiol (CBD) Fact Sheet

Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and is the active ingredient in Dixie X medicinal hemp products from Dixie Elixirs & Edibles. The information here has been provided as a resource. Notes about citations and the research follow.

  • Completely non-psychoactive. It is safe and non-toxic. Can never over-dose on CBD.
  • It is the second most common cannabinoid in cannabis sativa and indica plants and the primary cannabinoid in hemp plants.
  • Counters some of the negative effects of THC(ie. paranoia, intoxication, quick heartbeat (tachycardia) short term memory loss, lethargy/sedation, etc.)
  • Combining THC and CBD have been found to increase clinical efficacy while reducing adverse effects, even with only trace amounts of THC added. (CBD works synergistically with THC, bolstering its medical effects while moderating its psychoactivity)
  • Some medical benefits include:
    • Has been found to relieve convulsions and other movement disorders. Is an anti-spasmodic and antiepileptic.
    • At high doses (more than a few hundred mg) CBD can be sedative and helps insomniacs stay asleep longer. In low doses, CBD has been found to be alerting.
    • It is also effective in reducing inflammation (anti-inflammatory), anxiety (anxiolytic),  nausea (anti-emetic)
    • Is a powerful pain reliever (analgesic) It is effective in both peripheral neuropathic pain and central pain
    • It has been shown to inhibit cancer cell growth (anticarcinogenic)
    • It is an immunomodulator and helps the immune system function more efficiently
    • Is a neuroprotectant and a powerful antioxidant. It has applications in treatment for Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, cerebral ischemia, and brain and nerve damage from stroke.
    • It is an anti-psychotic and recent research has indicated it is effective in treatment of schizophrenia
    • CBD could be effective in easing symptoms of a wide range of difficult-to-control conditions, including: rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, PTSD, epilepsy, MS, antibiotic-resistant infections and neurological disorders, to name a few.
    • Has been found to be effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders like IBD and Crohn’s Disease

Epilepsy affects approximately 50 million people worldwide, causing frequent and unpredictable seizures that cannot be cured. While long-term drug therapy can help most patients control their seizures, about 30% of cases are resistant to standard treatments.

Interestingly, cannabis has been recognized as an epilepsy treatment ever since its introduction to Western medicine. Likewise, modern day studies suggest a role of the endocannabinoid system in seizure activity and seem to support the use of cannabis as an alternative to traditional drugs.

History of Cannabis and Epilepsy

The first record of medical marijuana as a treatment for epilepsy comes from ancient Indian literature, in which cannabis has been recognized as a medicine since 1000 B.C.

It wasn’t until 1841 that marijuana was finally introduced to Western medicine by Dr. William B. O’Shaughnessy after observing its use in India and performing experiments with cannabis on his own. Dr. O’Shaughnessy suggested cannabis for the treatment of numerous conditions, epilepsy included.

“In Cannabis, the medical profession has gained an anti-convulsive remedy of the greatest value.” – Dr. O’Shaughnessy

New Remedies: Pharmaceutically and Therapeutically Considered (1843)

Marijuana quickly became one of the most commonly prescribed medicines and its benefits in epilepsy were noted by a number of prominent doctors, such as Dr. J. R. Reynolds – former president of the British Medical Association and personal physician to the royal family.

“There are many cases of so-called epilepsy in adults… in which India hemp (Indica/Kush) is the most useful agent with which I am acquainted” – Dr. J. R. Reynolds

The Lancet (1890)

Modern Day Use

Unfortunately, cannabis became a prohibited substance early in the 20th century and was subsequently removed from Western pharmacopoeias. Even still, the use of medical marijuana has started to regain popularity in recent years.

survey conducted in 2004 suggested that 20% of Canadians with epilepsy were using cannabis on a regular basis, of which 68% reported improvements in seizure severity and 54% reported improvements in seizure frequency. Notably, none reported worse symptoms after using cannabis.


While the Canadian survey failed to observe any negative effects of cannabis use among epilepsy patients, animal studies suggest that different marijuana compounds could have different effects. Specifically, cannabidiol (CBD) seems to provide more consistent benefits than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Indeed, research on THC has shown conflicting results, with THC exhibiting both pro-convulsant and anti-convulsant effects depending on dose, type of epilepsy and other factors. Animal studies also reveal a possible ‘rebound effect’ from THC – withdrawal from THC exposure has been shown to increase brain activity and the potential for seizures to occur.

On the other hand, animal research has conclusively shown that CBD can act as a strong anti-convulsant without the risk of exacerbating seizures.

Evidence From Animal Studies

Since the 1970s, the anti-convulsant effects of marijuana have been widely documented in animal models of epilepsy, including models of grand mal, cortical focal and complex partial seizures. Based on these findings, researchers came to the early conclusion that marijuana compounds could act as anti-convulsants in human patients.

Carbamazepine is prescribed today

Carbamazepine is still prescribed today

Studies have even found cannabinoids to perform well when compared with standard anti-epileptic treatments. One of these studies was published in 1976 and compared the anti-convulsant effects of CBD, CBN and THC with 7 of the most common anti-epileptic drugs of the time, some of which are still prescribed today.

The results showed that CBD was about as effective as carbamazepine and chlordiazepoxide and even more effective than phenytoin, trimethadione and ethosuximide. Interestingly, THC and CBN performed slightly worse than CBD, although both were still effective in most cases. The results also showed that CBD could interact with other antiepileptics by enhancing or diminishing their effects, depending on the drug.

But in spite of differences observed in the 1976 study between different cannabinoids, other animal studies have also found crude extracts of marijuana to have strong anti-epileptic effects. For example, a study published in 1978 found that 200mg/kg doses of cannabis resin (17% THC) was 100% effective in stopping seizures, whereas 50mg/kg doses seemed to have no effect.

Evidence From Human Studies

Despite overwhelming support from researchers for human studies to be conducted, medical marijuana has never been tested on patients with epilepsy. However, 2 studies involving marijuana compounds have been published, both of which found positive results.

The first study was published in 1981 by researchers from Brazil who conducted a randomized placebo-controlled trial (RCT) on 15 patients suffering from secondary generalized epilepsy. The patients were selected based on a lack of response to traditional treatments. 8 patients were given 200-300 mg of CBD in addition to their usual anti-convulsant drugs while the others received a placebo.

Taken from the Salt Lake City telegram [May 20, 1947]

Taken from the Salt Lake City telegram [May 20, 1947] (source)

By the end of the study, 4 out of 8 patients that received CBD became seizure free and 3 others showed improvements. In contrast, only 1 out of 7 patients that received placebo showed measurable improvements.

Interestingly, an earlier study observed similar benefits using synthetic versions of THC. The study was published in 1949 by researchers from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) and found that THC was highly effective at treating severe tonic clonic (grand mal) epilepsy in 5 institutionalized children.

After several weeks of THC treatment, 2 of the children were either completely or almost completely free of seizures and the other 3 “responded at least as well to previous therapy.” Yet despite the researchers’ recommendations for “further trial in non-institutionalized epileptics,” THC has never been tested on epileptic patients since then.

Similarly, researchers at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (Australia) commented on the strange absence of human trials involving medical marijuana and epilepsy since 1982, concluding that it was “surprising that there has been no further research on the anti-convulsant properties of CBD, especially as it has no psychoactive side effects.


  1. My nephew suffers from epilepsy and our state is hesitant about legalizing CBD for medical purposes . My sister will move her family to a state that legalizes it . I think it is an injustice to thousands of Americans who suffer and cannot get access to this potentially highly effective drug .

    • Hi Mike I just read your comment on cbd oil. My son who is 36 has been on keppra for 8 years.The side effects are not good and he would like to wean himself off of it. Do you know if taking cbd oil will help him to do that? He has been taking the oil for about 3 months now and is up to 1mg twice a day.The oil is 5000mg. He takes 1500mg. of keppra twice a day. He started to taper off by taking 750mg. just at night. He is not handling it well. Any suggestions? thank You Jackie Ramadon

    • Please do not look for medical advice from strangers on the internet who are not doctors.

    • A person doesn’t have to be a medical doctor to be knowledgeable about epilepsy. After addressing the disability for about 41 years and visiting dozens of doctors at facilities from the West Coast to the East Coast I’ve encountered numerous incompetent doctors who made terrible mistakes regarding epilepsy. Insular epilepsy was ignored for decades and many doctors assumed that temporal and/or frontal foci were the origin(s) of seizures. They were fooled by the unstudied type of epilepsy, prescribed many meds or devices for use that made the situation even worse or more difficult to identify.

      You cannot trust a person metely because he or she has a MD. Many MDs are arrogant, bought-off by corporations pushing implants, and don’t make their patients’ wellbeing a priority. Do as much research as you can and be very cautious in making your decision(s) about who to trust and what should be done.

      This may sound very negative but it’s been disgusting to learn the hard way that, regarding epilepsy treatment, the U.S. is far behind many European nations, Canada, and some other counries, and politicking has resulted in patients facing corporately-controlled medical treatment. In other words, pharmaceutical corporations are given presidence over the commoners. Marijuana extracts that don’t make patients “high” are considered to be terrible by many yet alcohol is sold in mass to the point many anyone can become drunken and plow down innocent persons. It sounds like our “leaders” are very sensical?!

    • Hi
      Putting your son onto CBD THC powder will help him with his seizures and also calm down the nervous system in the brain. Keppra almost made me go to where I wanted to kill myself or my husband. I had the worst experience ever. CBD powders you can stop whenever. Pharmaceutical drugs depending upon how long you’ve been on them can take Months to years before the body is not dependent upon the drugs. CBD THC powder is all natural and organic. I’m trying to come off of Tegretol XR and it will probably take minimum of 6months to a year maybe longer. Stay away from pharmaceutical drugs. It will help your son do alot better.

    • fROM MY OWN EXPERIANCE WITH MY SON. too bid decrease at once!!!! From 1500mg he needs to go down to 1250 for at least 3-4 weeks. If he is doing ok. then he can go down to 1000mg for onother 3-4 weeks…. GOOD LUCK

    • Hi I saw your response on this website and I’m very curious about it. I live in Dallas as well and I’ve been getting seizures since I was 6 years old. I take medication but as everything else, it only helps so much. They are under controlled but I’ve been dying to try the CBD oils. I went to your website and all the oils you have on there are for helping epilepsy just comes in different flavors? Also, are the drops better than the edibles? Thank you and hope to speak with you soon.

    • I’ve been epileptic since I was 8 years old. They had me on Tegretol XR for over 30 years. I’ve tried everything else. The only one that controls my seizures is phenobarbital. I am from Colorado so I’ve played with CBD oil. You need to put a small amount of THC in it for the calming effect on the rest of the brain. CBD oil and THC oils mixed together will calm the temporal lobe and calms down the rest of the brain. I now have Uncontrollable seizures throughout the brain. I know from my experience and my body that pharmaceutical drugs cause more problems. Make sure that you can or will play with the quantities for your own body. All of us are different but wow what a massive difference CBD and THC oils mixed have done for myself. I have every kind of seizure and then some that they don’t even know what kind of seizure that is in my brain. I went from having 6-7 seizures minimum per week to not having but maybe 1 per month if even. It’s definitely worth trying. You can quit it any time without any withdrawals or problems. Hopefully this helps you.

    • I have been on Keppra for 10 years. I have weaned myself totally off Keppra using CBD oil. I take around 10 mg / day. I got a bad batch that ended up causing a seizure so now I test every batch with a CBD test kit. The oil I buy is high concentration 1500 mg per oz. No side effects, lowers BP, lowers Joint Paint, Lowers anxiety. No more suicidal thoughts.. I am taking a 1/2 pill twice a day now of Keppra until I can get stabilized again. (500mg per day).I was totally off it for over a month until I got the bad batch of CBD. You must be careful the source is reliable. There is no federal regulation of CBD although it is LEGAL in all 50 states.

    • Where do you get the CBD? Where do you get a testing kit? I can’t find any strong enough.

    • Hello Phil. A family member has epilepsy an also takes Keppra. Just read your post. Could you please, let me know which oil brand has been effective for you? I am a bit reluctant to buying from a random page online.

    • Thank you in advance.

    • I take keppra, depakote, and tegratal and I want to try cbd I want to know is I felt great yesterday taking the pill and today not the same I have had blackout seizures is it possible that cbd will not work for me ?? Help me someone please I hate these seizures I have not had a grand mall in about a year but have absence seizures often

    • Phil,

      CBD is not the answer to everyone’s seizures and yes, it may not work for you. Are you seeing a good Epileptologist for your seizures and what is she/he saying?

    • Dear Mike,

      My daughter has epilepsy since birth we tried everything … Now I am thinking of hemp oil as I see a lot of parents with similar case recommend.

      I live in Kuwait and I don’t know if it is legal for you to ship to Kuwait? If it is ok from your side then what is the product that might fit for that purpose? And what are the prices so I can order?

      Please treat this as urgent
      Thanks & best regards

    • Please email with information on obtaining CBD oil for treatment of Epilepsy. The side effects of Keppra are a nightmare. I live in Plano.

    • Hi! I know it has been awhile, but I saw your post about the side effects of Keppra. My husband just began having seizures a couple of weeks ago and they started him on this Keppra, saying that it was a new drug without so many side effects. He noticed some side effects right away and even worse, the seizures did not stop. I was wondering if you could tell me about your experience?

    • Go to the Theroc.org or just type in the realm of care organization from there they will refer you to cwbotanicals which sells CBD oils, I just saw a nuerologist for my 7yrold daughter who suffers for intractable petimal seizures and has been on 3 different types of meds which non have worked, he reccomended it! But like he said everyone is different, in my eyes why not try something more natural versus all these chemicals I have been putting in my baby’s body! From another to a mother best of luck and God bless!

    • Mike, do your oils help with seizures and which kind do you recommend?

    • I asked my epileptogist if I could take cannibus. I have complex partial seizures. He said it is not good for my type of epilepsy. that it is just good for kids. All he pushes are drugs with many side effects. I guess I will take sublingual cannibus oil. They sell it at Vitamin Discount Center here in Florida. He is putting me on Lamictal. I have to start slowly. I am currently on generic Keppra. When I get my Lamictal up, I am going to take the cannibus and not tell him. I don’t know how much to take. Do you?

    • Hi Laura, tell your sister to hang in there. I have epilepsy myself and it can be rough. I was diagnosed with it at 15 after getting the HPV injection and I am now 26. I can only imagine having a child with epilepsy how difficult it must be. It’s almost inhumane starving those from the much needed medication just because they can’t see the true benefits of this organic plant.
      I am just now trying to figure out what type of CBD oils will be best for me.
      Wherever your sister is I hope she can get her little one the help he needs. Take care!

  2. I take CBD oil for my seizures. I feel great and I have had 0 seizures since taking CBD oil. I also use marijuana for pain. I am in my 60’s. I am very fortunate to live in Colorado

    • I am helping someone deal with epilepsy and we would love to know how much CBD oil to use to stop the seizures from happening. The CBD oil we found is 15%, and after 3 weeks, no changes. We still believe it can work, but just don’t know how to find the right dosage. THIS is why CBD research is necessary! It has been proven to work in severe cases of epilepsy in children, But we have to take the long road to figuring out how to get it to work for our situation. With all these pharmaceutical drugs out there that were researched and have bad side effects, why would we not want to research a natural alternative that has been proven to work without bad side effects? It seems like a no-brainer 😉

    • I suffer from seizures also, could you tell me which and where you bought your bcd oil ? can i buy it online? thanks

    • Where could I find dosing info for the oil? I am an adult with epilepsy

    • I have read 200-300mg daily of CBD oil for epilepsy. I would do your research but this is the dosage of Charlottes Web my fiancé started just today. We used a calculator on the realm of caring website along with different medical publications. If you register (free) with realm of caring you get a discount on the oil.

    • Theroc.org, or the realm of care organization if you type that in your google search engine you will find it!!its a great website to helping you from financially to dosing charts to reputable sellers of good high quality CBD makers such as cwbotanicals. Good luck!

    • Mayo Clinic has a dosing guide on their alternative medicine page. For seizures it reads: “200-300 milligrams of CBD daily for 4.5 months”.

    • Hi Karen,

      My fur baby is suffering bad with seizures. We already have her on all the vet presriptions (pheno, potassium bromide, valium) and she is still suffering from siezures. We are desperate. Can you please tell me what brand of CBD you use to control your seizures? And also how to buy it?

      Thank you so much!

      God Bless,

    • we been using a strain call AC/DC Witch has ratio of 20:1 so 20%CBD 1% CBD
      good look and i hope this helps

    • Hi Karen what dose of cbd do to take

    • What dosage of oil do u take daily….??

  3. My son is 15 and was born with epilepsy. He has been on Phenobarbital, Tegratol, Keppra, and is now on Depakote and Carbitrol. I would much rather he take CBD to control is seizures than all these med with terrible side effects! The anger and rage from Depakote are hard to deal with in a 6’2″ 240lb child! It also destroys the organs. I am ready for Florida to approve medical marijuana!

    • Christine, I am also a mother of a 29 year old son with epilepsy. I have tried everything except CBD. I live in florida. Have you been able to aquire here? I really need to do something. seizures all day long EVERYDAY. They started when he was thirteen. Before that he never stood still. They say he is autistic. He is allergic to so many medications. I belief that his last mmr was the cause. He was speaking potty trainned playing one day got that shot and had alittle fever that night and woke up not talking. extremely hyper , still wears diapers, has no interest at all. I need to fine this CBD.

    • I am in the same position. My son is 17 and over 200lbs on depakote, kepra and Zoloft. He has epileptic and non epileptic seizures. I live in a state where it is not legal but going into his senior of high school and I am terrified for his future

    • I have taken all those besides phenobarbital i tell you the side effects are not worth it nor did any of them help my case. i have started with absence seizures at age 11 and by the time i was 17 i switched med as ethosuximide <– might be a bit off on spelling … no longer helped it was then i developed tonic seizures from just absence ones where i would just space out… and so i moved to Colorado because my parents were at the time 110% against anything cannabis… i used oils and smoked cannabis on a daily basis not a whole lot more medically , i am 23 years old and have studied this for a few years now the meds are not worth it on other reviews and my own experience, as you could take this as a biased opinion, but i did not have any seizures at all out there in Colorado. recently i moved to Oklahoma with wife and kids not being able to get any legally they have came back and it has been a nightmare. i recently have found CBD oil legally out here and am trying that alone without smoking or edibles. would recommend Charlotte's Web By the Stanley brothers now legal everywhere but does not have the THC in amounts that can be tested or get you in trouble.. you usually have to ask for it at a local natural foods store's it can be pretty pricey but is well worth it. the 200 is 40 and the 500 is 75. without the side effects and promotes other great heath benefits, best of luck god bless

    • Have your seizures stopped since you started using charlotte’s web? I’m 29 and have had myoclonic seizures for 12 years. They are progressively getting worse.
      Was on meds briefly but I agree, not worth it. I just ordered charlotte’s web yesterday. Fingers crossed this works. If not, I moving to Colorado or getting back on those terrible meds.

  4. My great nephew spends great amounts of his time in Status Epelipticus. I continually hope for help and support approval of medical marijuana to help all children who suffer from seizures. I believe it may be the answer we need.

    • I hope it becomes legalized

  5. We are now in our sixth month of using legal CBD oil for our multi issued ASD son. There have been overall improvements, not just with his seizures. Dosing is kind of a crap shoot and new batch of oil can differ in strength and THC content. This second batch is stronger than the first so we had to cut back. The writing is on the wall. It’s time for the medical and law communities to catch up and do the right thing here and get past their personal agendas. If enough people demand it, it will come!

  6. I’ve read so much about CBD and would give it to my child. the damage her meds do are by far worse than what they’ve seen with CBD

  7. Anita Varnell don’t you live in Colorado? It’s legal there.

  8. I do for now. We are military though, my hubby could get in trouble for it being in the house

  9. For the actual pot yes but if you get it in gel or oil form you should be ok. I believe that even with the traditional form as long as you get permission from the company and post Commanders you will be ok…right up until it’s time to transfer. Could be worth checking.
    I’m checking to make sure my son won’t lose scholarships for dirty ua’s before we add it in. Those random drug screens could be a problem 🙁

  10. There are so many actual and potential benefits. Limiting research and access to marijuana because of misinformation and fear is a travesty. Thanks for sharing.

  11. My dougter is 7 years old.She have epilepsi from she’s 3 year.Seizures are petit mal,no longer then 30 sec,2-3 times a week.She is takeing Keppra and Carbamazepine(Tegretol)
    My qw.is : Did CBD oil will be toxsic with his medicine Tegretol,and do She have a risk for her health, if I give her CBD oil with tegretol!?!?
    Thanks a lot!

  12. What strain do you use for seizures. We have tried a couple of different ones and tho my son has had improvement in other areas, no significant change in seizures. He has tonic clonic events. We are waiting on Charlottes Web.

  13. Our son Danilo (3years) has a heavy non-controlled epilepsy and next to all meds we tried (currently only Topiramat helps) but Keppra, Sabril, Depakine, Nitrazepam, Zonesamide did not help. His mood is very much dependent on the meds also. So, as no much knowledge on negative effects of CBD, we cant get into clinical trials currently conducted (in Dravet and LG syndrome) but we purchased the 18% CBD and started with small 5mg/kg dose daily (in three)
    Interested to hear if any has experience with dosae in children and timeframe within which you could see the effects

  14. My dog suffers from seizures which generally intensify into Gran Mal. We were treating him with Pheno. Barb and Potassium bromide. He is now three and about 6 months ago his seizure activity increased in frequency and intensity. Increasing his meds did nothing but make him listless even after a long break in period. I was considering putting Harley down, the situation was becoming that desperate. Nine weeks ago we started treating him with a Hemp Oil called Petz Oil distributed by the Dispensary in Vancouver, BC. Vet had to sign off and some straight forward paper work to do. We have reduced his meds by 40% and his seizures are over a week apart at this point which is a major improvement. I continue to research online and hope to learn more. It is very easy to extract this compound and also easy to remove all THC if desired. My main questions concern dosage. We put three drops of this honey oil on Harley’s gums four times a day. If he goes into seizure we put 5-7 drops on his gums ASAP after we notice. (he always searches us out when a seize is coming on). He will usually have a body spasm which may last a minute or more (seems like an hour) then mostly occular symptoms and he is at least marginally aware of his surroundings. Harley weighs about forty pounds and I do not know the CBD % of this oil. It must have almost no THC in it, I do not need a medical permit to possess this stuff. It is designed to ease pet’s pain if they have cancer etc. Dosage is a big question mark. I put about 5 drops under my tongue when first experimenting with doses to get an idea how it would affect the dog. I had just had my shoulder replaced three days previously and got a good nights sleep that night until I rolled over, ouch . There were no THC type effects that I could discern. I can only report positive comments on CBD for seizures to this point. We will continue to decrease his hard drugs gradually if this trend in his seizures continues. I will update in a few months time.

    • Have you read the E-Book by Dr Rob Silver,DVM on Medical Marijuana and Your Pet. He talks about dosing. He also has a blog nurseyourpet.com and he has a radio show. I’ve been looking for research on interactions with Potassium Bromide that my dog has been on for 7.5 years for cluster seizures and if/how I could reduce the Potassium Bromide with the addition of Hemp Oil or non psychotropic CDB/THC combo.

  15. My name is Maricel Mark from Holland,my daughter who was suffering from epilepsy from the age of 5 years was cured with CBD and THC cannabis oil from cancer centre London i contacted via email londoncancercentre@gmail.com The cannabis oil was supplied to me here in Holland with prescription on how to use it for treatment of seizures/epilepsy.After 3 months my daughter was cured and free from seizures.

    • Dear Maricel,
      can you tell me what seizures your daughter was suffering of? What is the name of the CBD/THC oil?
      Thank you!

    • My husband had his first seizure 9 yrs ago and ended up in hospital and after some tests they discovered he had a non cancererous benyne tumor. This is what they beleived caused his seizzure .they prescribed tegretol .after 3 weeks of taking he didnt feal himself so he stopeed taking them . And was seizzure free for 9 yrs . On march 2015 he got his first seizzure , he went back taking tegretol had seizzures again and after a month an a half had another seizzure they switched his meds to keppra and has had over 10 seizzures since. He has decreased meds to half. And 10 days ago started taking canabis oil and had another seizzure tonight.not sure about how much to be taking ? A gramme 10 days ago is what I got and have a bit under half gram. He weights 180 . My husband thinks of stopping the pills do you thinks its a good idea. Please if you could help us with your advices . Thank you in advance

  16. how to get this oil in india? i want it for my daughter who is suffering from epilepsy. kindly suggest somone.

    • Hi namrat

      We are on the same page. My LO is been diagnosed with epilepsy. We reside in aus and its illegal to use medical cbd. I would like to fly to US or india. Please let me know should you have any info abt CBD.

      Thanks in advance

  17. My adult son suffers from seizures and am wanting this oil offered to him if it helps. The side effects of CBD could not be near as bad as the side effects of his medications he is on now.

  18. Thanks Maricel I have acquired for my daughter from the cancer centre London and she is taking the oil for treatment now

    • Maricel and Flora,

      Would you mind sharing what the dosage was? I am in a country where I would not be able to get such a prescription filled and so am trying to figure things out on my own. My 10 year old son suffers from seizures and meds do not work.

      Thank you kindly.


  19. I have a three year old suffering from infantile spasms which has been resistant to the typical medication protocol including ACTH, Sabril, lamictal, Kepra, Klonopin, prednisone, topamax, etc. He is also on a ketogenic diet. We are now looking at VNS. I am blessed to be working with some caring legislators in Virginia. A bill has been dropped at the general assembly to allow the use of medical marijuana in treating epilepsy. I am trying to get the word out to get support. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Hello Ramesh, my name’s Elizabeth. I was wondering if you were able to try CBD for your child’s seizures and what results if applicable, you found. My 16 year old daughter is on Keppra, Lamictal, Topamax and Keto-Diet since she was 3 years old. (On different meds since she was 7 months old). I’ve spoken to her neuro about CBD and she says that “they’re still researching” it. The Keto-Diet has been highly affective but the since my daughter’s hit puberty (12yrs old) her seizure activity has incteased and so has her medication intake. My daughter’s severely disabled and the side effects of her meds only inhibit her more. If you could get back to me I would so much appreciate it. Thanks

  20. Harley’s update.
    We are still struggling with Harley’s epilepsy, it is a persistent and violent seizure which has proven resistant to conventional meds (pheno barb and pot bromide). Harley’s meds have been reduced by 65% since experimenting with the cannabis oil. We ordered some straight CBD extract from from a US outfit called CBDPlus. It was legal to import as it contains 0% THC. (Canadian law states anything above .6%THC needs a medical permit). For those of you in the States that still have anti THC legislation perhaps this compound is legal in your state? We added this to the Petzoil from Vancouver Dispensary and more positive effects. Harley still suffers from seizures but frequency and intensity are down. Our thought process was to increase the CBD ratio to that greater than the THC in our drops thereby reducing possible seizure triggering due to THC psychoactivity. It is acknowledged that CBD mitigates THC psychoactivity. As mentioned in first post Harley was seizing out of control and his life was miserable before using cannabis drops. I wish we could run a GLC test and see where the drug %’s are at. So far only good things to report. Proper scientific research by experienced scientists needs to begin, the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming that positive effects are being obtained. Watching Harley having a seizure is bad enough, I cannot imagine how witnessing one of my children go through this would feel. Time for politicians to put aside their politics for a moment and move on this important medical resource with the proper legislation clearing the way for research.

    • Hey B Pearce. Thx so much for the update on Harley. I am so glad to here he is doing much better. I to have a little dog that will be 4 in March. He weighs 5 lbs and has suffered from seizures ( grand mal) since 9 moths old.. Diagnosed as Idiopathic Epilepsy..They last about a min with twitch frothing paddling incontence. It’s so hard to watch this little 5 lb bundle of fluff go through these.. My little guy is on Phenobarbital daily as well as diazepam as needed. He suffers from cluster seizures so can have as many as 6 in a 24-30 hr period.. Which Really sucks…. I am interested in ordering Petz oil as what can it hurt at this point.. I live in Ontario so it’s worth a try. I wanted to encourage you to check out an interesting and Very informative web site that has helped my little guy and I feel strongly that it can help Harley. Search doctor J . Com. He is an excellent Veterinarian an has done extensive research on dogs an Epilepsy. Phantom is on a raw food diet (Pets4 life) I am Very strict with what he eats. Watch out for any treats u may be feeding your puppy as well. I only give my guy as treats frozen blueberries or pc of apple etc. No Chemicals…. Anyway I hope that helps. Don’t give up.

  21. A California resident, started having seizures a year and a half ago. Tried different medicines, still having issues. Anybody know about availability and dosage of CBD in Colorado or Washington?

  22. Contact me when you have the chance. California has CBD that might help you.

    • Hi there. I saw your comment about contacting you regarding CBD in CA. My friend has had seizures for years. He usually has at least one major episode a month that consists of several grand mal seizures back to back. My friend badly wants to try CBD oil, but he is trying to get on disability and is worried that if he has to go to the hospital, it will show up in his urine and blood screenings. If it gets recorded in his medical files, I’m sure it would be looked at negatively when making decisions regarding his disability status. I know CA has legalized marijuana for medicinal uses, including CBD oil, but because SS is a federal program, we are worried it would still negatively impact his chances. I have done research on CBD oil from hemp though and it seems, depending on THC levels which can fluctuate, it is not as detectable in urine and blood. Would you be able to tell me where in CA I could obtain this type of CBD oil and get more info? I know iys legal everywhere, but I am hoping you might be able to point me in a more local direction. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

  23. My son has seizures, he was off his meds for about a year and recently got put back on them. Since then he’s been very angry, aggressive and out of control, I hate it, I hate him being on meds, it makes me sad. How do I go about getting this oil prescribed for him??

    • Aggression is a common side effect from most seizure meds. My son became so violent that we decided to try medical marijuana. We use Mary’s Medicinals patches. 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. He currently takes 20mg per day, but we supplement with 250mg of Tegretol (I can’t wait to get him off this too!). He has come down about 80 percent on his seizure meds since 1 year ago and his Tegretol is not even an amount that controls seizures. My son is 20 years old with autism and weighs 150 lbs. I know that we can get him off the rest of Tegretol (which btw, makes him aggressive), but it takes time to figure out dosing. I like the patches because they last 12 hours (though I give him half a patch at a time -5mg- every 4 hours.) the patches also ensure that I am giving him a consistent amount. I am concerned about oils, smoking, vapor, etc in that you can’t control the dosing. If your child (or you) has become aggressive or self injurious on seizure meds – try medical marijuana it has changed our whole families lives! Nice to see him smile again too!

    • Most patches are not meant to be cut. But I do not know about yours

  24. I’m stuck on phenytoin, DOWN in TX, and restless beyond words–If I could live without the anxiety, suicidal thoughts, mood swings and depression this medicine brings I’d be the old me. I would love to know more about this for adults with epilepsy, intractable or not. Fewer or less severe negative side-effects would be a life changer.

    • I’ve been epileptic since I was 13. The only drug that has ever done anything to control them is phenobarbital. I have literally tried everything on the market for seizures. If there’s a way for you to get into CBD powder with a small amount of THC it helps calm the brain and nervous system down. You’ll probably have to play with this to equal it out. Stay away from the pharmaceutical drugs if possible. DO NOT TAKE GENERIC DRUGS you feel more side effects and they don’t even put in the right amount as a full strength drugs. Phenobarbital generic has 60mg full strength has 64.5mg.

  25. Daniel has had seizures from age of 4, has a VNS implant that no longer works to stop the seizures. He’s seizures went form being on left side to frontal now to temporal, and is said that will end up covering his entire brain. He is on a mixture of medications at about 7000 mg a day. He cannot be left alone for very long at all. His seizures have become very violent and aggressive and they have to give him verset in a spray form in his nose to stop the seizure. Sometimes it takes many times of doing this because he does not stop. He can be walking and just fall backwards and go out cold. Then he will start to get combative. This is a very close friend of mines son… we are lost at where to go from here.. he is now 25 years old.. the oil is not legal in indiana.. we need help or his next seziure could be his last… they put him in IU medical.hospital and sedated him twice now n past 2 months… they are getting worse and happening more ofter… any help advice people or places to.turn too for answers is greatly appreciated

    • See reply in next comment

  26. I’m so sorry for Daniel and his parents. The aggression is more than likely due to the seizure meds. It’s a catch 22. My son had horrible aggression from many of them (Lamictal, depakote, zonegran, kepra, to name a few). My son was only having about ten seizures a month when we went on the cbd:THC transdermal patches. They took away all of his aggression – which changed his life. The seizures are still about one every six weeks. We are working on the right dosage. I would highly suggest using the patches or some form of cbd:THC to control his anger and work toward controlling his seizures with it. It will take a lot of time to slowly wean off all the seizure meds and figure out just how much cannibis you will need. Please let your friends know they are not alone. My son is 20. It is a very difficult thing to deal with. Also, Daniel is going through hell right now and needs to know that he is loved no matter what, and that they are working on trying to find out what is right for him. Daniel will be in my prayers. If they would like to contact me I am at helloitslisa @ yahoo.com

  27. I am 29 I was born with epilepsy. I have been seizure free the last 12 years on topamax. Last month my seizures have been coming back at night – I am scared. I can’t sleep through a night right now the seizures are small but I am afraid they will turn back into grand mals. The dr put be on buspar (he thought I was seizing because of stress/anxiety) I have taken that now for 13 days but it seems to be making things worse so I am stopping it. I have family who lives in a medical Marijuana state. I am thinking of going to stay with them instead of being guinea pigged around on more drugs. 1. Can anyone who has epilepsy/knows someone tell me what strains of marijuana. with high CBD/low THC worked best to control seizures from personal experience ? 2. How does CBD oil differ from smoking in means of efficacy ?
    3. how did you dose whatever you were using to control your seizures oil/ marijuana and how fast did it work?

    • Hi Lacey. I see your question was awhile ago but I thought I would write anyway. This is all based on our own experience and is by no means recommended for anyone to try. Nonetheless, this is what we did and what has worked for us.

      My daughter is 26 years old now and has had grand mal seizures since she was 6 months old. During her younger years they were very frequent and quite debilitating for her. She also has Autism and is non verbal.
      In 2013 we decided we needed something to help with her aggression more than anything else but we thought treating seizures somehow would potentially help alleviate some discomfort she might have felt prior to seizures. We decided to pursue Cannabis and were left on our own to figure it all out. No doctors that care for our daughter would prescribe including her Neurologist.

      She is on Valproic Acid and Frisium. She has been somewhat controlled this way and has been on this regimen for many years with ok results. Her aggression has been the issue as it wears everyone in her life out.

      I will not bore you with how we got to where we are at with our daughter but I can tell you, as of this writing, she is seizure free and has been since the fall of 2015…unheard of for her. I can also tell you, while it is not my favorite subject for a father, after puberty, her seizures were 100% correlated with her cycle and she has always broke thru with seizure episodes at night/sleeping. It was clear between her cycle and sleep this was key to somehow manage.

      We tried everything….tea, vaporizing, CBD oil capsules, and now we give her a decarboxylate tablet once per day and that’s it. It is easy and it works!!

      We did not find good results with a low THC content. We have used:
      THC – .68%
      CBD – 15%

      Did not work. It did reduce her seizure volume by about 50%. After more reading wherever I could, we decided THC was a necessary part of the puzzle. We increased the supply to a:
      THC – 2%
      CBD – 14%

      using a decarboxylate capsule that we make (anyone can do it) The increased THC level did the trick and she has been seizure free ever since!!! Since Cannabis stops/slows the brain from firing, she sleeps better and subsequently does not have seizures…..not as of this writing anyway.

      The most important keys we found are:
      – a balanced flower of THC and CBD….one does not seem to work without the other…I am a firm believer CBD will not do it alone and there needs to be even a low THC component to it. I am not the first parent to determine this.
      – this is THE most important part…you need to know percentages of your material so you know your dosage. (i.e. THC 20%; CBD 2%). We are in Canada and our medical supply producers are regulated so we know exactly what we are getting. If you do not have this available, you can buy test kits for CBD and THC so you can do it yourself easily. Even if you have mixed levels of percentages you can simply adjust your intake quantity to suit such as larger capsules, or more of a smaller one etc.

      Response to your questions in CAPS below.

      “1. Can anyone who has epilepsy/knows someone tell me what strains of marijuana. with high CBD/low THC worked best to control seizures from personal experience ? CAN’T REALLY SPEAK TO STRAIN. EVEN SAME STRAINS ARE DIFFERENT AMONGST EACH OTHER. WE STICK TO A GOOD BALANCE OF CBD AND THC. tHE BEST RESULTS HAVE BEEN 2% THC AND 14% CBD. WE ALSO HAVE 4%THC AND 12% CBD, DIFFERENT STRAIN AND SUPPLIER BUT IT ALSO WORKS.





      1GRAM = 1000MG
      1 GRAM OF 4% THC = 40MG/GRAM (4% OF 1000……. 1000 X .04 = 40MG)
      1 GRAM OF 12% CBD = 120MG/GRAM (12% OF 1000……. 1000 X .12 = 120MG)

      I see why it works for her. Because our daughter does not speak, we had to try anything first. Wife is similar bodyweight so she was the guinea pig so was I but I am much larger so doses differed. I have had increasingly harder time to sleep in recent years and during our research for our daughter I found it also helped my own life. My mind never stops and I never slept as a result. Now I also use a Cannabis as well and I sleep markedly better. I digress. We had to know how she would potentially react so hence why we had to do it.

      She is on Anticonvulsants as mentioned. We will keep her on them. We are not sure if both are working in tandem or not. Maybe someday, if she continues down this seizure free path, we may try to eliminate pharmaceuticals.

      We kept doses small to start and simply stopped when we saw results. We can also say now that she is not having seizures, she is maturing tremendously and more verbal and interactive. Amazing really. We are believers and to those who try to impose their misplaced morals on to us, I say goodbye to them and not in a nice way. How anyone…politicians, pharmaceutical companies, especially medical professionals who claim to be so progressive can deny my daughter or anyone like her with these real world results is appalling to me. It’s a flower!! I’ve seen what alcohol does firsthand to people and families yet we sell it and cheer it and advertise it more than football. The whole debate is truly stupid. It is the only way I can say it.

      While we are prescribed, we did not worry about it when we started out. Even if we could not access Cannabis “legally”, we still would. I understand parents desires to do whatever it takes for their children….I am the choir…..but I would most likely not move to obtain supply, we would just do it. I would be surprised at any law enforcement that would pursue criminal charges against a parent helping their disabled child. Where there is a will there is a way!!

      We obtained illegal supply in the beginning, we simply didn’t tell anyone and carried on with our research and work for our daughter with very successful results. As of this writing, we could not be happier.
      Dosing is crucial and dose must be known which is why we use a capsule…the volume of product is fixed and you can calculate accurate doses. This is very important for any medicine. I would also like to say that oil caps (any caps) are incredibly easy to make and if you do a batch the cost per oil capsule is around .50 cents CAD based on $9/gram cost. Since our daughter takes .25 grams/day in one capsule administered in the late afternoon, this cost is $2.25 per capsule since her Cannabis is $9/gram as well.
      You can make your own oil caps so easily it’s not funny using a Magic Butter Machine. https://magicalbutter.com/

      The key to all of this is you MUST decarboxylate the Cannabis first. This is also easy to do and takes about 1.5 hours. This is THE most important step to any extract or THC and CBD activation in raw flower.
      Again, it is easy to do and can be done n your oven. Decarboxylating is just like baking. Time and temperature.

      I hope this helps somewhat. I would not use dispensaries for oil/product. Not here anyway. They are not regulated here and you would not have reliable percentages if any. Some parents have had dispensary product tested with little to zero anything in an oil or tincture for example. My point to all of this is that it is too easy to “trust” what “professionals” say…who are the professionals in this area anyway?? parents and guardians and patients themselves!! although our daughter’s neurologist is now asking me questions about how we did things. We would never simply trust just because someone has a designation behind their name and the beauty of this day and age is there is nothing we cannot research on the net. We have to filter through a lot of words to find answers but they are out there.

      We were prepared to make and use suppositories if we had to but our daughter takes pills without issue.

      Again, long winded!! 🙂 good luck.

    • So glad it has helped your daughter. Hoping it will help mine also. Thank you for sharing your info.

    • Thank you so very much for sharing your experience. I have learned so much. I truely hope your daughter remains seizure free!

    • If your doc have you Buspar he did not believe you. I worked as an RN in private practice and I never saw it help one of. Best of luck.

    • My comment about Buspar should be clarified. Although stress can lower your seizure threshold, I found Buspar to be very. unhelpful for my pts. with stress. And even if my neurologist feels stress is involved. She uses a seizure drug to treat me.

  28. I am a legal grower in Colorado. I am harvesting many CBD only plants and I will be rendering it into CBD tincture. It will be available on a first , come first serve basis. It is grown organically, made into a concentrate and then diluted into a tincture. I will be able to change protocol if one mixture isn’t working and I have a few strains going so there are several avenues to try. Feel free to contact me if you are interested. This is a full cannabanoid product and not industrial hemp.

    • Hello,

      I am very interested into trying CBD for my son with autism and seizures.
      He is 14 and 120lb.

      Can you please contact me.


    • Hi, can I get your contact number. I’m interested in what you might be selling. I have a 5year old boy suffering from epilepsy and seizures and he’s exhausted, I need to help him : ,(

    • Be very careful. We do not recommend using any CBD or hemp oil through the internet. There is been just as many adverse reactions to non clinically approved CBD oil. We do not recommend purchasing any products that have not been clinically approved or legally adopted by the state you live in.

    • Judy,
      I am very interested. My daughter was just recently diagnosed with epilepsy and we are going through the trials of meds.

  29. I just got my first bottle of CBD oil. How many drops do I take for seizures???

    • Not being a medical provider we cannot comment on this. Was it prescribed by a physician, is it legal in your state, what was the processing of it, etc? Without knowing the content and how much real CBD is in the oil that is hard to know. Maybe a parent using it for their child will see this and can help you. Good luck with it.

    • While researching this subject came across a webpage for the Mayo Clinic. There is a discussion on dosing CBD in one of the forums. Good luck.

  30. Lucy, please give me a call 970-618-8049. I am extremely busy harvesting at the moment so my consulting time is very limited until my crop is in an processed. But I will get back to you if I don’t answer. I am Mountain time.

  31. Hi Elizabeth
    I also have a little guy who weighs 6 lbs. I am giving him Charlotte’s Web oil. There is a website called canna for pets. Dr Sarah Brandon DVM. She has created CBD for pets. She is also very helpful at answering any questions you may have. I have Not used her product but heard her speak recently on a cat and dog summit that was called cannabis 101. The reason I hav not used her product is I didn’t know about her at the time I started using Charlotte’s Web oil. My little guy is also on Pb and KBr he did not do well at all on Valium. He has done very well on the oil and now goes about 21 days. He usually only has 1 now where before he would have up to 9 in a 24/30 hr period. I also have him on a Very Strict Diet… Check out dogtorj.com. He has a wealth of info ont his site about dogs and epilepsy. . He is also a DVM.
    Hope that helps.

    • Hello I was just curious to see how much do you give your dog? My maltese is about 11 pounds and I’ve been giving him CBD oil he still on pheno and potassium bromide as well and I do see a difference but I don’t know if I’m giving him too little lately he’s been having seizures breaking through and they wanted to add zonisamide to the prescriptions…. I don’t really want to because they also uped his pheno from 1ml to 1.5 and I see a big difference with him he can barely stand up very wobbly and his legs give out on him I rather give him more CBD oil I was told that he cannot overdose on CBD oil so just curious how much you gave your dog I was giving him four drops every 6 hours and then before we go to bed I give him 6 drops but now I think I’m going to give him a bit more.
      THANK U

    • Hi Reyna. I don’t know what CBD oil u are using so it is hard for me to comment as their are many different oils and strengths on the market. I am also wondering why they started him on a new med and not just increased his CBD. Please note that there are also many foods that can trigger a seizure. Eg corn, soy, anything with gluten in it. Many dogs can become seizure free just by eliminating these…. Please be careful with treats as well… Try and keep his food as natural and chemical free as possible. There is also a great informative web site called canine epilepsy guardian angels. They won’t have anything about CBD but they do have other Very helpful info. My little guy is getting 7.5 mg x 3 daily of the Charlotte’s Web 5000. And if he has an episode then I give him 1 drop or2.5mg as soon as he is able to swallow then about every 4 hrs after that for the next 24 hrs. He has a hx of cluster seizures. Now he usually only has the 1.
      I hope that helps…

  32. feel free to call me. 970-618-8049.

  33. Hi I’ve been epileptic since I was 6 years old. First I was on phenobarbital. I was mentality gone for over 2 weeks trying to get used to that drug. I got off phenobarbital when I was 18. Now I’ve been using Tegretol for over 28 years. I have had major seizures throughout this time. Now I use CBD oil and it has calmed my seizures down. Last month without CBD oil I had over 20 seizures. Now with the small amount that I got I’ve only had 4 seizures this month. I really want to prove to people that it majorly helps the brain neurologically. Slows down the nerves and mellows out your brain. Not to use to get high. The head Neurologist told me that I should have half my brain cut out. Then when I got another Neurologist he said I have seizures throughout the brain. Uncontrollable. He still is unsure of CBD oil. I’d like to prove it to my Neurologist. They are still fighting it in this state. Wondering how I could get on a program to help prove that it’s a lot better than using Tegretol or the antidepressants they are using now for seizures. They think CBD oil causes major problems to the body. I know that’s not true. How or who do I talk to about becoming a test person.?

  34. I live in Canada and have a legal prescription for medical marijuana. It has been a year since I was given the perscription. I have Idiopathic epilepsy and I can’t take anti convulsion medication. It was around six months to drop off the last of my meds and try to find the right ratio of CBD. I was in the hospital in VEEG for the last med. Coming off Lamotrigine I had a status ellipticus seizure that lasted 30 mins. I did suffer brain damage from that seizure.
    The longest I have gone without a GTC is 75 days. The seizure I did have on Friday was not as bad as it normally is. My other seizures both complex and partial have decreased from multiple per day to a few a month. This treatment works for me with ZERO side effects.

  35. Hello there:
    Meant to update earlier. Harley (our Brittany) is doing better. Started mixing a product called ” Charlottes Web” in Harley’s daily oil dosing. His seizures really picked up in frequency and intensity this fall and we started playing with his meds to get things back to a manageable level. This oil is available online from “CW Botanicals”. Harley has shown a remarkable improvement in the last few months. He has gone as long as 3 weeks without a seizure which has not happened since he was a pup. The best we had achieved until now has been about one seizure/week. Harley still gets phena barb., Pot. bromide, and when his seizures get really violent and prolonged a rectal injection of Valium. The oil we give him about five times/day is dropped on his gums. I have my med.marijuana card and produce my own oil (brain dead easy) with an olive oil extraction done in a crock pot. I mix the Charlottes Web oil + Petzoil + my extraction and make about two weeks mixture at a time. It is easy to pack with you. Charlotte’s Web is something people should look into, it is affordable and available through out the States. Harley is five now and this product has shown the most dramatic improvement in his ongoing condition. While he still needs the Rx drugs, they are at much lower levels and hence have less negative side effects. His dexterity and overall coordination are much improved since lowering his pharmaceutical drugs. Harley cannot explain his symptoms but those of you who have to take the pharmaceutical drugs can probably speak for him in that regard.

    • I’m in Colorado and my dog has been on Pot. Bromide for 7.5 years – started when he was 2.5 yrs old. I haven’t been able to determine if the oil will have any interactions with the PB. He only breaks though 4 x/year though we always have to stop the clusters with Diazepam (liquid Valium). I’d like to make some oil (per “Medical Marijuana & Your Pet – Dr Rob Silver, dvm) though I don’t want to do it until I understand the interactions with the Pot. Brom. Do you have any insight or suggestions where I can get more research on that?

  36. Hi
    I’m 54 have had uncontrolled epilepsy for 53 years no meds have worked so am wanting to try CBD

  37. I just want to say how much Medical Marijuana has helped my 20 year old son. He has had epilepsy since he was 17. His seizures started every 6 months or so he would have a grand mal. Then even though we were on different medications, his seizures increased to about one grand mal a week.

    After trying 7 different seizure meds (most of them made him very angry!), we finally switched to medical marijuana and slowly over the course of a year got him off all his seizure meds! We also started a Paleo diet, which I have to say, has helped a lot as well. Without the diet or the medical marijuana, he would have seizures. But he has been free of seizures for several months. The only seizure he had a few months ago was because we messed up on the diet 🙁 I highly suggest the ketogenic or Paleo diet.

    As far as how much Medical Marijuana you need … it all depends on how many seizures you have and how bad they are. What type of application also matters a lot. Transdermal patches last longer (12 hours), and absorbs the CBD better into your body (so you don’t need as much). Here is a chart that I have seen:
    Transdermal Smokable Edible Oral
    % absorbed
    by body 100% 26.5% 10% 60%
    method Bloodstream Lungs Liver Mucosal
    Effects 6-12 hours 1-2 hours 1-4 hours 2-3 hours

    So if you are taking a tincture (oil under your tongue), you are only absorbing 60% into your body. And the dosage you need would be higher than if using transdermal and lower than if you smoked or ate it. Also, dosing is very very difficult to determine in oral and smokable applications. How much did you smoke? how much CBD was in that drop of oil you put under your tongue? That is why there is so little information out there about how much to use. My son uses 30mg per day of transdermal patches (10mg three times per day). That equates to about 50mg per day of oral tincture (dosed equally 8 times a day because how long it lasts in system). However I have heard people using 240mg daily.

    Quality matters, and making sure that the tincture is shook and distributes the CBD evenly and accurately is nearly impossible. Again another reason we use the transdermal patch.

    I hope everyone at least tries Medical Marijuana. I do believe it is the best way – by far – to deal with seizures. But be very very careful getting off your current meds – very slow – it took us a year! Follow a doctors advice if possible. And the diet can make a big difference for a lot of people who can not control it any other way.

    I hope this helps people.

    • Medical marijuana can help alot of people who are on pharmaceutical drugs get off. It also can be the biggest savior of not putting any new people on all the drugs offered. Medical marijuana can help to control seizures. It can help control almost any type of seizure the brain throws at us. It’s all natural and it’s been here on earth longer than we have. We should use it for alot of different ways towards medical. Itcan help everyone.

  38. Hi
    I’m really sorry to hear that your husband was started on keppra. The drug did absolutely no good for me. It caused more seizures to happen. I’ve been trying every thing out there. There are only two prescription drugs that have worked for me. Tegretol XR and phenobarbital. If I had the chance to go back in time with CBD available I would not have started on any pharmaceutical drugs. If you’re in a state that offers CBD oil have him try it. There are different levels and it won’t hurt him to see how it calms his seizures down. He can always use it with the drug he is on to see if it helps. Alot of time you may need to mix pharmaceutical drugs together. Some people have gone to medical marijuana and walked away from pharmaceutical and it works. If he doesnt want to make that change then Tegretol XR or phenobarbital are the best drugs on the market for me. I have tried almost everything else. Good luck 🙂

  39. I have Epliepsy since I was 13 years old. I have been in Tegretol XR 1400mg per day. Tegretol XR in the beginning seemed to work but it really doesn’t do anything. I have been on it for 25 years of my life and all it does is hide pain. I found out just recently that Tegretol XR is used for pain density. I went from having seizures in the left side of the brain to complete Uncontrollable seizures. Alot of the seizures I have they don’t even know anything about. Tegretol XR eats away they bones. Inside out. I promise you. I’m trying to get off of Tegretol XR and my bones feel like they are screaming for it. Don’t put your son in Tegretol XR or Phenobarbital. I had heard about a way that the medical marijuana Pharmacist can put a little bit of nerve blockage powder in the CBD and it probably would help stop the seizures. It’s going to probably take me 6-8 months maybe longer to come off of Tegretol XR. Generic Tegretol XR is the worst you feel almost all of the side effects.
    CBD THC and small amount of nerve blockage powder. Try. That’s what I I’d be doing if it was in our state
    Thank you
    Jenny Ziegler

  40. I’ve been epileptic for 53 years seizures started at 10 months old and still having grandmals latest 1 yesterday
    Am curantly on fycompa and the max dose my body will allow and the seizures still happen
    Am wanting to try CBD but here in Australia it is illegal
    Is there any way around this

    • Don’t think that CBD is illegal anywhere its just the THC that is in many places, you can order CBD with low enough THC content in it to make it legal from many online stores, just google CBD oil for sale

  41. Hi
    Don’t put your son onto Tegretol XR. I have been on it for over 25 years. Never done anything towards seizures. It eats away the bones inside out. It’s a pain resistance drug. I broke my neck with a 40% pinch in spinal cord and I felt nothing. My neck just felt stiff. I went 1 1/2 years with no pain.I had to have a titanium plate up in my neck. All caused by a roll over accident caused by a seizure. I had grand mal seizures throughout my life. I went from left side only to complete Uncontrollable seizures throughout the brain. Tegretol XR generic he will feel every side effect. It is a terrible drug for seizures. CBD and THC and a small amount of nerve blockage powder should fully control his seizures. You may have to play with this a little bit but you can stop CBD powder at anytime. It’s probably going to take me a minimum of 6months to a year trying to get off of Tegretol XR.

    • I have been used to Tegretol Retard 200-500mg for over 30 yrs from i was epileptic at 5 after TB meningetis at 2half controlled my fits on off school to teens leading to bone loss depression mental health & stiff neck drowsey fatigue for years to i started own herbals schisandra milk thistle, Q10 & cola nut for fatigue, for sleep chamomile hops cherry caps, lemon balm lavendar rosemary with tegretol not anti-depressants horrible side affects they give us now i use hemp oil to last year discovered CBD cannabidiol Oil drops capsules infused with coconut pains gone stronger bones mental ability positive thinking stronger for longer CBD oil non psychotic not get high benefical for all epileptic cases and cancers i like it for cbd brothers uk or Cannabidiol UK cannabis oil drops caps works with tegretol now hosp see long term use tegretol warding me off it for bone loss since last seizure last march16 1st in 13 yrs only lasted 30 mins once twice year unknown blackouts in sleep maybe. Easy as 1.2.3 relief with C.B.D or low THC in some cases we hope it passes the MHRA & FDA laws in UK trying outlaw cbd as class b drugs like USA parts have banned since Obama left whitehouse.Save CBD Save Lives

  42. It took me six months to reduce the seizure meds. I had heaps of seizures while doing so. I am now over 100 days grand mal seizure free. I still have bad days but not like I did when I took pills. It’s tricky and if you are able to stick it out it does work. I use both THC and CBD. It’s all about finding your ratio. If you want to chat further you can contact me on Twitter @shelleythiemann
    It’s a tough go but worth it in the end. (Keppra almost killed me and I am not sure if has ever helped anyone)

    • Hello Shelley,
      I would be very interested in talking with you by text or email.
      personally have been taking 1500mg kep. for almost 3yrs. I want to start taking CBDs and cutting out the kep. safely.
      freemoney221@hotmail.com or 801-979-7981(preferred)

    • Shelley,
      We highly recommend that if you do chose to go the CBD route you consult a physician and not purchase over the counter CBD hemp oils. There is a HUGE difference in medical grade CBD than that sold in stores of via the internet.

  43. Definitely take your dig off phenobarbital. You can getvery low dose THC levels but a higher content of CBD. You might even be able to put in a small amount of nerve blockage powder in the mixture. I’ve been on phenobarbital and your body becomes dependent upon the contents of the drugs. I know that CDB powder with a small amount of THC powder helps me to to sleep with out my mind still running. It also helps my mind just to relax. I’d give it to my dog depending upon when the seizures come on. Even by giving your dog a drip before bed will help him. You are going to have to play with the amounts but he won’t be addicted to one of the heaviest barbiturates used for seizures. You can stop CBD THC powder at anytime but to get off phenobarbital it’s going to take a lotof time depending upon how long they have had your dog on the drug.

  44. Definitely take your dog off phenobarbital. You can get very low dose THC levels but a higher content of CBD. You might even be able to put in a small amount of nerve blockage powder in the mixture. I’ve been on phenobarbital and your body becomes dependent upon the contents of the drugs. I know that CDB powder with a small amount of THC powder helps me to to sleep with out my mind still running. It also helps my mind just to relax. I’d give it to my dog depending upon when the seizures come on. Even by giving your dog a drip before bed will help him. You are going to have to play with the amounts but he won’t be addicted to one of the heaviest barbiturates used for seizures. You can stop CBD THC powder at anytime but to get off phenobarbital it’s going to take a lotof time depending upon how long they have had your dog on the drug.

  45. My son just turned 6. He started having seizures about 2 years ago. He has had delayed speech and motor skills his whole life. He was on tryleptal for about 1 and 1/2 years, made him extremely moody and slowed his development even more. We weend him off it and tried charlottes web oil for about 1 month solid, his development and mood seemed to improve tremendously.

    We were so excited until he had 2 seizures very close together and quite a few partial siezures. After a rough face first fall on concrete having a siezure our Dr recommended lamictal for him. He’s been on it for about 4 weeks, but sadly we already see mood and development issues turning back to what they were.

    He has been checked and scanned multiple times with no idea what causes his siezures. So far he has had around 12 that we know if, but suspect he may have partial siezures at night. He seems to have them when he gets overheated playing or when he is getting sicknesses.

    I would love some experienced advice if anyone has it. Has anyone used lamictal with cbd oil? I can find no info on using them together. Breaking our hearts to have the limbo of siezures or baby boy life tremendously staggered.

    • Carl,

      So sorry to hear of the issues your son is having. Are you seeing a good pediatric epileptologist? What is he/she saying?

      CBD like an medication may have to have the strength and dosage adjusted, and, it isn’t a miracle and doesn’t work for everyone. Many children have to take medications and CBD together. We have no specific information of lamictal and CBD. What does your doctor say about it?

  46. I’m sorry to hear that but I would seriously look into playing with the dosage of CBD oil and also look into the fact that THC calms the brain neuroids down. You can also look into the fact that he may need a little bit more whether his seizures occur. I know that it might be hard but play with the CBD and THC oils and stay away from the drug that he is on now. You can also sometimes put in a small amount of nerve blockage powder in and it may calm everything. The main drug he is on may be the cause of his speech problems. Play with CBD and THC oils because even if they don’t work you can stop them immediately. Compared to getting the body dependent upon the drugs. Look into the side effects of bone marrow loss of the drugs he is on.

  47. I had severe epilepsy since I was 12 years old. You name them I had them. I started experiencing major headaches which weren’t common for me with a high spike of seizure activity in 2009. After several tests my Neurologist at the time had me come in to inform me that I had an inoperable tumor in the right front lobe and I should make final arrangement. I carried my last MRI and scans hallway to hallway for any surgeon that would let me talk with them until I found one in the halls of Baylor of Texas. The operation was scheduled and a long recovery they said but when in on Friday and was back to work on Monday.

    I had several seizures then, I slowly tapered my meds and went cold turkey. Not something I recommend but I actually replaced my meds with meditation, a change in my life and work, and a regular smoke in the morning and before I went to sleep of Marijuana. After I started the daily dose of MJ I’ve been officially 5 years seizure free and medication free.

    It’s still illegal in my state, I would really love for a doctor to research me and see what has happened. I don’t dare miss a smoke just to make sure. But, since this change I’ve also gained weight like a normal woman and stop stressing so much. I’m a walking discovery someday a doctor will prove my research, some day.

  48. Hi I’ve been getting off of the drugs Tegretol XR and Divalproex SOD EX and I’m on phenobarbital now. I know that when you use CBD oil with some THC in it the calming effect on the temporal lobe is amazing. I was having major amounts of seizures for the last 5 years of my life. I’m going to get off of the drugs and also try putting in nerve blockage powder in the oils. Don’t just try Charlotte’s Web. THC oils help and also calms down the brain. You don’t need to put in that much but start out with 15℅ THC oils with the CBD oil. It’s something that you have to play with to figure out your levels. CBD oil alone is no enough for the controling of the brain as an adult. I promise it helps calm down the temporal lobe and if you use enough vapor you’ll feel calmer through out the brain. Make sure that it has a ℅ of THC in it.

  49. I have a 4 year old daughter who has been taking seizures since she was 6 months old, she has been on about 25 diffrent medication, side affects are scary, she has lost her hair witn one, she now has a tremer were she shakes so bad she cant even eat on her own, shes way far behind wigh her development. I live in new brunswick, and have the opertunity to start her on CBD but not sure if I can get in trouble for just starting her on it, her doctor is against it completly. Im just tired f watching my baby girl go threw so much when she dosent have to..

  50. It’s great to hear about so many success stories with people treating their epilepsy with cannabidiol… it’s definitely a compound that we should take seriously !!

  51. I just want to share my positive experience with CBD. I have noticed a drastic change in the frequency and intensity of my seizures since I started using water soluble BioCBD. I am still not back into seizure remission, but I have noticed a definite change from the past 2 years of seizure activity. – Kyle

  52. I believe CBD would perfectly help cure severe epilepsy on normal grounds. Approved clinics should start trying new methods as it seems these days our normal routine drugs will most certainly fail us.


  53. How do you test CBD oil??

  54. There is a huge difference from hemp CBD and medical-grade marijuana CBD. To be safe we only recommend getting it with the prescription and only medical grade the CBD oil.

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