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Evan Moss, 7-year-old with epilepsy, has his first book-signing

Evan Moss, 7-year-old with epilepsy, has his first book-signing

Evan Moss, a 7-year-old boy with epilepsy from the Alexandria area of Fairfax County, has written a book. He hopes to raise $13,000, to purchase a seizure dog to help him survive his seizures. (TOM JACKMAN/THE WASHINGTON POST)There is much about 7-year-old Evan Moss that is not exceptional. He is in constant motion. He can […]

Important role for Vitamin C throughout our brains

Nerve cells in the eye require vitamin C in order to function properly – a surprising discovery that may mean vitamin C is required elsewhere in the brain for its proper functioning, according to a study by scientists at Oregon Health & Science University recently published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Slowing the abnormal loss of brain function

ScienceDaily (July 20, 2011) — An existing anti-seizure drug improves memory and brain function in adults with a form of cognitive impairment that often leads to full-blown Alzheimer’s disease, a Johns Hopkins University study has found.

Rescue treatment of seizure clusters in epilepsy patients

Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc. announced the initiation of a Phase III clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of USL261, an investigational intranasal midazolam, for the rescue treatment of seizures in patients on stable anti-epileptic drug (AED) regimens who require control of intermittent bouts of increased seizure activity, frequently referred to as seizure clusters. USL261 […]

Laser surgery for Revolutionary New Epilpesy treatment

New procedure significantly reduces risk of patient complications and recovery time ( – HOUSTON, July 18, 2011 — Texas Children’s Hospital is the first hospital in the world to use real-time MRI-guided thermal imaging and laser technology to destroy lesions in the brain that cause epilepsy and uncontrollable seizures.

New feature added today – Achievements!

New feature added today – Achievements!

EpilepsyU has added a new feature to their social networking and education platform today. Inspired by video games’ achievements systems, this is a great way to add incentives for interaction on the site. Users may gain points for posting in forums, updating their profile and even unlocking an achievement! For a full list of the […]