Blu the Husky cross has epilepsy, her owner Victoria McGuckin of Kesgrave has raised £1800 via Facebook to fund special treatment (Photo EADT24)

The adorable four-year-old has epilepsy, a condition common among dogs. But to get on to the Royal Veterinary College project to create a new dog food, which it is hoped will help control the condition, Blu’s new owners Victoria and Robert McGuckin needed to pay £1,800 for an MRI scan.

And so the Kesgrave couple posted his story on Facebook.

Within four days they had raised the money with donations from across the world and a video showing Blu fitting had more than 27,000 views, while his page Blu’s Tale has been shared more than 800 times.

Staggered the couple, who have two sons Kienan, 13 and Aaron, 12, said they are “overwhelmed” by the outpouring of support from people.

“It is just amazing,” said Mrs McGuckin, 35. “All I did was post a picture of Blu with the message ‘10,000 likes might not pay for an MRi but someone might see this and be able to help’.

“Immediately we got loads of offers of help. A few days later I posted a video of Blu having a fit and so far it has had 27,472 views and 123 shares.

“After the video going up we had raised all the money within four days. It is overwhelming. The response from people has had me in tears.”

Due to the fact Blu is a rescue dog and because he has a pre-existing medical condition, the McGuckin’s cannot get any pet insurance to help cover the cost of his treatment.

“We didn’t want to have to ask for help,” Mrs McGuckin added. “We want to thank everyone who liked, shared or donated and everyone who looked at his page.”

Go to the original article for a video of Blu having a seizure. WARNING GRAPHIC and POSSIBLY DISTURBING