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WEARABLE TECH: Smart Cloths For Seizure Monitoring and Detection

WEARABLE TECH: Smart Cloths For Seizure Monitoring and Detection

In the age of technology, we are seeing constant advances in devices that can more quickly diagnose, treat and monitor many medical issues. For Epilepsy, we have seen watches, pads that go under mattresses, wearable EEG machines and now this, the world’s first Smart Clothing capable of detecting and monitoring seizure activity.

Bioserenity), a British epilepsy organization (Epilepsy Action), and a French epilepsy organization (Efappe) has led to the first of a kind smart clothing system and companion app that help monitor and diagnose epilepsy. Conventional epilepsy diagnosis and treatment rely on seizure recordings through fixed monitoring systems only available in a hospital setting. Due to the limited accessibility of these fixed systems, most often the patients’ seizures are not recorded.  The lack of seizure information for a patient leads to suboptimal diagnosis and treatment. WEMU smartwear aims to improve the accuracy of diagnosis, reduce diagnostic time, and help design a more accurate drug regimen for the patient.

Read More: http://www.medgadget.com/2014/08/wemu-smart-clothing-for-epilepsy-monitoring-and-diagnosis-video.html

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