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Virtual Reality Training for Epilepsy Surgery

Virtual Reality Training for Epilepsy Surgery

brain-surgery-simulator-130620Virtual reality training for epilepsy surgery is being developed by Bilbomática, together with partners ERESA, Vicomtech-IK4 (Foundation-Centre for Visual Interaction and Communications Technologies) and the Fe Hospital Research Foundation. The project is fittingly called the “Virtual training tool for epilepsy surgery”.

Initially, various techniques of image processing (segmentation, 3D reconstruction) are required in order to obtain the models that will be used in a virtual environment. Specific planning tools will be developed, in order to define target regions or intervention approaches.

This technology will not only help train new surgeons, but to allow experienced surgeons practice on a functional rendering of the patient to be operated on. This kind of advance could increase the success rate and help surgeons prepare like never before!

Source (Basque Language): http://www.basqueresearch.com/berria_irakurri.asp?Berri_Kod=4860&hizk#.UsbLRGRDtLQ

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