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Sleep and epilepsy

People with epilepsy may gain from sleep apnea treatment

It’s been used by many people to help ease sleep apnea, but new research suggests the CPAP mask may also help ease seizures in people with epilepsy.   CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) involves wearing an airflow mask over the nose or mouth each night, to help keep the back of the throat open for better breathing.

Spacing out after staying up late? Here’s why

UCLA-led study blames mental lapses on sleep-deprived brain cells   Ever sleep poorly and then walk out of the house without your keys? Or space out while driving to work and nearly hit a stalled car?   A new study led by UCLA’s Dr. Itzhak Fried is the first to reveal how sleep deprivation disrupts brain cells’ ability to communicate with each other. Fried and his colleagues believe that disruption leads to temporary mental lapses that affect memory and visual perception. Their findings are published online today by Nature Medicine.

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