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What to know about complex partial seizures

A complex partial seizure is a type of seizure that arises in one lobe of the brain, rather than the whole brain. The seizure affects people’s awareness and may cause them to lose consciousness.   Complex partial seizures are now more commonly referred to as focal onset impaired awareness seizures or focal impaired awareness seizures.

Epilepsy Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

News Track India has put together this great guide for epilepsy causes, symptoms and common treatments to help dispel epilepsy myths in India. This guide is worth sharing worldwide! Epilepsy is a chronic central nervous system (CNS) disorder or neurological disorder identified by recurrent seizures causing abnormal behavior, restlessness, sensations, and even loss of consciousness. Epilepsy is usually identified only after the occurrence of more than one seizure in a person and the chances of Epileptic seizures increases with age and leads to abnormal, excessive or hypersynchronous neuronal activity in the brain. Moreover, the condition is also very common among the infants. Presently over 50 million people are victim of Epilepsy globally of which about 80 percent cases are observed in the...

NEW STUDY: Partial Epilepsy Runs in the Family

Working with an international team of colleagues, University of South Australia researchers have tracked a hereditary gene responsible for a common form of epilepsy known as focal or partial epilepsy. The research, published in the prestigious journal Nature Genetics this weekend, proves the hereditary nature of a form of epilepsy previously believed to be caused by structural abnormalities such as a brain injury or a tumour. Known as focal epilepsy it is the most common form, accounting for about 60 per cent of all epilepsies. “Focal epilepsy was not previously thought of as being inherited and identifying this gene will help in the diagnosis and treatment of many people with epilepsy,” UniSA’s Associate Professor Leanne Dibbens says. “It is also particularly important for families to kno...

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