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The DEA just gave a big boost to a cannabis-based seizure drug

We are often judged by the company we keep, even unfairly. For decades, that has been the fate of cannabidiol, a chemical compound that has the bad luck to occur naturally in marijuana, the world’s most controversial plant. Because cannabidiol is subject to the same tight legal restrictions on personal and scientific use as is marijuana, its potential medical benefits have been underappreciated — at least up until now.

Medical Curriculum Technologies Produces New Online Course for Seizures and Epilepsy Treatment

Our friends at Medical Curriculum Technologies (MCT), also located right here in Orlando, Florida, have produced some of the most interactive medical staff training courses the world has ever seen. These courses feature highly interactive training with “game-like” tasks, where you have to perform the steps in order to successfully pass the section. Placing a Stint is one of the tasks that I got to try myself, and I was impressed at how much information you must know to properly do this procedure. The hands on approach that these course take are incredible; you get to learn by doing, with 0 consequences to you or the patient. Well, there are consequences, but they are virtual too! MCT contacted EpilepsyU a few month ago about teaming up to create a unique-highly interactive cour...

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